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Writer for Web and Screen

About Me

Welcoming New Clients for 2020 —

I'm a detailed freelance content writer with seven years of experience creating keyword-rich content for clients in film, continuing education, travel, lifestyle, and more. I perform extensive web research, edits, and rewrite articles for SEO.

This year my goal is to work with new clients to develop content for their websites, blogs, and social pages — From posts, articles, and how-to guides to advertising copy, landing pages, and Pin descriptions. I even write commercial video scripts —

Please get in touch if you have a project that needs a writer.

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My Writing Samples

Mexican-Themed Party: Your South of the Border Fun Fiesta

As a content writer, I utilize keywords and optimize articles to ensure higher rankings on search engines. Here, Mexican-Themed Party is the main keyword. I also used soft links to Amazon because The Party Theme is an affiliate site.


Does Coffee Go Bad? Here's the Truth You've Always Wanted to Know

A ghostwriter acts as an authority on the subject. I often do extensive research to write expert articles. Viper Coffee is a Shopify site that uses its blog to build its audience, and ultimately to increase sales.


10 Best Ice Coffee Recipes for This Summer That You Can Make at Home

This post is an example of an informational article to demonstrate the site owner's obsession with coffee.


About Us: Viper Coffee

This cheeky About Us page conveys the overall attitude displayed on this Shopify site. The site provides coffee lover apparel and accessories.


How to Pack a Carry-on for a Week on the Go: Tips from the Pros

Here's an example of a short and snappy post that any travel company might use to demonstrate their expertise. These types of articles are geared to hold a reader's attention and help them learn something, too. This post is an example of content marketing for a Shopify site.


Zero Waste Travel: Our Guide to Eco-Friendly Globetrotting

Your business builds a rapport with the audience by providing informative guides and tips. This social, SEO article is an excellent example of using video to keep your reader's attention and keep them on the page.


Try Van Camping: 5 Striking Reasons to Go This Summer (Road Trip!)

I enjoy writing articles about van camping, boondocking, and outdoor adventures.




I work with the Income Store as a freelance content writer. In this position, I write articles and blog posts for a variety of industries. The word count ranges from 900 to 5000 words, and I typically write up 3,000 to 5,000 words per day. Since working with the Income Store, I've written hundreds of posts for affiliate and Shopify websites as well as writing advertising copy, Pin posts, and product descriptions. I perform research and adhere to best practices, using AP style.

Company: Income Store

I worked there from 7/2017 until now

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