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Writer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Content Media Strategist, Certified Teacher, e-Learning Consultant, MBA, MA Ed.

About Me

Writer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Teacher, e-Learning Consultant, MBA, MA Ed

I'm a freelance writer and business owner with over 15 years of experience in content marketing. First employed as a writer and translator for a company with 4,000 employees, after 10 years I started my own writing/editing company and later started a digital marketing company with a focus on content marketing strategy and local seo. I have worked with top tier executives, marketing agencies and SaaS companies and offer many different writing and editing services, all of which have been done without a byline.  My blog, about personal finances, My Wallet, shows some of my writing.

My life has been a series of adventures, some planned, some inadvertently foisted upon me by fate.  In the process, I have embraced such a variety of lifestyles and work situations that I am able to expedite and comment authentically on many of the vagaries and nuances of writing marketing copy.

I received my MBA while building a family of four children in a foreign country and working full-time as an executive assistant at the Swedish CAA. At that company, I was also the originator and responsible for AirSpeak, the aviation language database that was put on their Intranet, after much lobbying with both upper and lower management.  With the cooperation of programmers from WordFinder, it was here I first learned how small start-up companies worked, making lightning-fast decisions and working tirelessly to make my fledgling e-learning idea a reality back in 1996.

Not only did I experience at first-hand what goes on in the boardroom of a large corporation and the pivotal experiences that shapes such companies and their cultures, but in the process, found my true identity as a copywriter, teacher and entrepreneur, finally receiving my MA Ed and Teacher Accreditation in Business and Upper Secondary English in 2019.

The road to acquiring my teaching accreditation was long with five arduous years of infinitely lonely and rigorous research and study, periodically full-time but mostly evenings and weekends, while holding down a full-time teaching job.

Admittedly, these struggles have had a decided role on my formation and identity as an entrepreneur and writer, since creative individuals with new ideas don't get Brownie points in encapsulated cultural environments. Here, outdated routines and the status quo are often a crutch, even with very young teachers and professionals, an epiphany if anything.

Although my escapades were at times disillusioning - it was a crooked road that brought me here - many times fulfilling, sometimes fun but always enlightening, they have allowed me to bring a clarity of intent, a burning passion and creativity to my projects, getting the job done to the highest spec possible with requisite elbow grease and missionary zeal.

Marilyn Monroe has said: “I wasn’t the prettiest.  I wasn’t the most talented. I simply wanted it more than anyone else.”  I can relate to that.

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English Teacher, Secondary Education

Taught all levels of high school and college

Company: Fria Läroverken i Norrköping

I worked there from 1/2018 until 6/2018


Digital Marketing Agency

Company: DigiUs Digital Marketing

I worked there from 8/2017 until now


Taught Business 101, Civil Law, Entrepreneurship and English

Company: Ebersteinska College

I worked there from 8/2017 until 6/2018

Social Media Consultant/English Translator/Writer

Social Media marketing and software development. Globally supervised and trained eight employees

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 1/2004 until 8/2012

Project Coordinator/Contract Manager/Executive Assistent

Coordination and Product development of AirSpeak – language database tools, (aviation-specific terminology database). Created and led the Language Council, with representation from all members of the aviation sector. Responsible for the actual obtainment of funding from The European Union and from aviation companies, worldwide, for a European conference on Aviation and the Environment. International finance issues related to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), accounting, budget

Company: Swedish Civil Aviation Administration (LFV)

I worked there from 11/1987 until 7/2003


Provided business translations from Swedish to English

Company: New World Communications

I worked there from 10/1986 until 10/1987


Taught English

Company: City of Linkoping

I worked there from 8/2014 until 8/2016


Taught English

Company: City of Norrkoping

I worked there from 10/2012 until 6/2014

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