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Bringing health and medical stories to life with scroll-stopping copy.

About Me

I’m Zia, a freelance health and medical content writer, copywriter and inbound marketing strategist. 

A decade spent in the health profession writing scientific and medical content, gaining experience in multiple therapy areas means I can convey complex concepts with clarity and simplicity, combine this with an excellent marketing strategy and we can show potential patients exactly why they should choose you.

From insightful blog writing or health articles through to comprehensively researched scientific reports and white papers, either in my voice or as a ghostwriter, you can be reassured of the most up to date and relevant information in all my writing.

Why? Because when I am not writing about science, I love being a nerd and reading about it!
Send me a message and let’s talk about how I can help you to create the content that you deserve, to reach the patients that you need.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

Science & Medicine

My Writing Samples

5 Epic Ways CBD Can Skyrocket Your Sex Life

Just some of the ways that CBD can help to improve your sex life.


Coronavirus prevention tips: 10 ways to protect yourself from COVID-19

Concerned about coronavirus and how to keep your family safe? Try not to worry. There isn’t a coronavirus vaccine available yet, but to prevent infection, experts recommend doing the same things you would do to avoid getting the flu. Follow these expert tips to guard yourself against contracting coronavirus.


CBD oil and hormones: can cannabidiol restore hormonal imbalance?

We look at how CBD oil could help with hormone imbalances.


Who is eligible for Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage)?

People who are eligible for Original Medicare have another insurance option called Medicare Advantage, which private companies offer.


Antibiotics treat infections by either killing or sterilizing bacteria

Antibiotics treat infection by either destroying bacterial cell walls or preventing bacteria from reproducing and spreading.


Experts weigh in on how much a dose of a successful coronavirus vaccine could cost

Experts agree health insurance companies will cover a coronavirus shot, but the cost may be passed down to consumers through increased premiums.


Can CBD Treat PCOS Naturally?

CBD could help with PCOS pain relief and other PCOS symptoms without the side effects of prescription drugs.


Red light anti-aging facials at-home 101: what’s photobiomodulation & what results will you get?

What’s your favourite colour? By the end of this article, I think you’ll be fairly fond of red. That’s because, from a strong LED light source, it casts some magical youth-restoring sorcery on your skin.


Coronavirus transmission: how COVID-19 spreads and how you can protect yourself

On average, each person with coronavirus passes on the disease to two other people. Here's how.


Hay fever or coronavirus: experts explain how the symptoms differ

Hay fever and coronavirus can cause similar symptoms. However, there are several differences you should be aware of.


Coronavirus: what COVID-19 does to your body

Can COVID-19 cause lasting damage to the lungs? Here's everything you need to know about how the novel coronavirus behaves inside the body.


Coronavirus deaths: why are more men dying from COVID-19 than women?

Men account for 61% of COVID-19 related deaths in in England and Wales. We asked experts why.


Does Medicare pay for nursing home care?

Medicare is the federal government’s national health insurance program. It does not usually cover long-term nursing home costs, but some plans may fund temporary stays in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) if a person needs specialized care.


What is the 'Welcome to Medicare' physical?

Promoting health and well-being can help prevent disease. Preventive healthcare is essential throughout life but especially so as people grow older.


Does Medicare cover knee replacement?

Medicare parts A and B cover knee replacement surgery that a doctor considers medically necessary.


How do Medicare reimbursements work?

People with Medicare coverage do not pay upfront for their healthcare when they choose a Medicare-enrolled provider. Instead, Medicare will usually pay the healthcare provider for treatment directly.



Freelance Medical Writer, Researcher and Strategic Content Developer

Providing services as a freelance content writer and strategic content developer to health care professionals and organisations worldwide. Offering tailor-made optimised writing solutions designed to increase traffic and conversion rates through SEO content writing that will delight your audience. My clients include healthcare professionals including doctors, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, and larger healthcare agencies and pharma companies. If you nee

Company: Premium Health Content

I worked there from 1/2012 until now

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