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Writer/Editor/Script Consultant

About Me

Experienced journalist and screenwriter. Written about sports, politics, pop culture, business, and real estate. 

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My Writing Samples

The Scam of Professional Sports

Analysis of why using public money to finance stadiums is a scam.


The Top 100 Beaches in the United States

Creating a list of the best beaches in the US. Created a statistic to rank them "objectively".


WNBA Analytics: Predictions, predictions, predictions

Statistical analysis and predictions for the second half of the 2015 WNBA season.


‘Hurdle’ sheds light on oppression, resiliency of Palestinians

Review of the documentary "Hurdle".


Deadspin fires senior editor Barry Petchesky

Article on the firing of Barry Petchesky. This version was sanitized by my editors. It's easy to find where the vulgarity was changed.


Fleabag: Grief, and Those Around Us

Review of the first season of "Fleabag".


‘This Mamushka Is For You’ And Other Frightfully Funny ‘Addams Family’ Quotes

Eight funny quotes from "The Addams Family".


The Oasis and The Mirage: How “All In The Family” Was Ahead Of The Curve

Analysis of "All in the Family" and it's impact.



Senior Editor

Wrote, researched, and edited articles.

Company: The Ball Out

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Screenwriting Consultant

Analyzed screenplays and gave notes to production companies and producers.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2015 until now

Senior Writer

Wrote, researched, and edited articles.

Company: TVOvermind

I worked there from 1/2014 until 1/2017

Social Media

Researched content and posted on social media.

Company: re:imagine/ATL

I worked there from 8/2013 until 1/2014

Content I Write