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About Me

I remember clearly the first time I decided I wanted to be a writer. It was winter in New England and frigid cold outside. I was 6 years old, standing outside with my mother as she knelt down in front of me to help me zip up my coat. My older brother was standing over us jumping from one foot to the other to keep warm while he waited to walk me to school. 

“I think I want to go to college to be an author, Mom.” I said to her, paying no attention to her pulling on the lapels of my coat. 

“Yeah, right.“ My brother spat. “You aren’t even in high school yet.”

“Don’t be so negative to your sister.” My mother responded. Her words were an automatic response to the constant bickering between my brother and I. “Now go to school and don’t let Sister Dowden see you writing notes again.”

My love for words came to me early and has only grown in intensity since then. In college, I focused on areas that would round out my skill set, in case writing never became my sole source of income. I studied graphic design and marketing, which has allowed me to gain the skills to be an effective copywriter. 

I have been writing professionally for five years. I have worked as both a freelance and an in-house digital marketing professional for over ten years. These experiences have given me a comprehensive understanding of several industries, from shower head parts to yarn, and many more. I can create high-quality, engaging content through which my passion for writing shines brightly. 

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My Writing Samples

Keyword Mapping: Why You Need to Be Doing This Right Now

During my time working as a freelance writer, I have been asked to write anonymous content for a wide range of websites. This is an example of one of the articles I wrote on keyword mapping.



Marketing Manager

-Work with VP of Marketing to design and execute digital marketing strategies for B2B and B2C -Manage the content for Tahki Stacy Charles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Ravelry, and e-mail marketing campaigns to retailers and direct to consumers -Manage the Ravelry store, ensuring all new patterns are listed for sale and linked to the proper yarn -Create all advertisement images, print & digital -Write ad copy for all yarns, garments, and collections -Design all printed materials

Company: Tahki Stacy Charles

I worked there from 6/2018 until now


-Work with multiple content creation agencies to produce blog articles on a wide range of topics from 250 to 5,000 words -Create social media and email campaigns as requested by clients -Provide engaging, SEO-focused website and blog copy that requires no further editing or proofing -Write, edit, and submit highly researched content on a very short deadline

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2017 until now


-Design and implement a digital marketing strategy utilizing the Express Employment micro-site, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter -Write ads for available positions and post them to available job boards including Craigslist, ZipRecruiter, and Facebook Jobs -Use SalesForce Marketing Cloud for various e-mail campaigns directed at both associates and recruiters -Utilize A/B testing to determine the best day, time, and content for advertisements, social media posts, and e-mail campaigns

Company: Express Employment Professionals of Windsor-Hartford, CT

I worked there from 7/2015 until 5/2019

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