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Expert B2B Tech Writer | Cybersecurity & Analytics Specialist | Ghostwriter | Data Storyteller

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Jasmine Henry is a Seattle-based freelance B2B technology writer and data storyteller who specializes in cybersecurity, mobility, analytics, and emerging enterprise technology trends. Her work has appeared in Forbes, Time, Reuters, HR Professionals Magazine, ADP Spark, HP Tektonika, Mimecast, and dozens of other publications.

With a background in IT project management and big data analytics, Henry has direct experience with IT management and strategy in both startup and enterprise environments. She specializes in translating complex trends and massive data sets into high-value, shareable stories, articles, and whitepapers about tech trends. Henry holds an MS in Informatics & Analytics from Lipscomb University in Nashville, where she also completed a graduate certificate in Health Care Informatics.

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A Complete Guide to Hacking the 2020 RSA Conference

The RSA Conference is just around the corner. If you feel like this cybersecurity conference snuck up, you’re not alone. The 29th RSAC is Feb. 23–27 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, much earlier on the calendar than RSAC 19 or 18 were. It’s scheduled, it’s early and it’s officially go-time. As an RSA attendee, your task is to create a survival strategy. Over 42,000 people showed up at RSAC 2019, and this year will be even larger. There are 700 speakers, 500 sessions and 70 keynotes...


11 Trends to Inform Your 2020 Cybersecurity Budget

The global average cost of a data breach is now $3.92 million — a 12 percent increase since 2014. Fortunately, the average cybersecurity budget is also increasing alongside breach cleanup costs. How to prioritize your budget is never a simple question. However, there’s a lot of insight to be gleaned from industry studies on how chief information security officers (CISOs) are spending organization funds. For the first time ever, more than half of CISOs have a job tenure of more than five years,


Are You Prepared For The Coming Storm Of Generation Z Talent?

No longer just up-and-coming professionals, Pew Research reports Millennials, or individuals aged 20 to 35, now represent the largest segment of the U.S. workforce. What that means for CHROs? It is officially time to shift attention toward Generation Z, or people born after 1996. Not only is Gen Z beginning to enter the workforce, the New York Times reports they'll be the largest generation yet, at some 60 million members. For organizations struggling against talent shortages and impending boome


Remote Workplaces: Unraveling The Risks And Reward Of Flexible Work Environments

The potential risks and rewards of remote workplaces are among the hottest topics in HR today. ADP's study The Evolution of Work: The Changing Nature of the Global Workforce identified freedom as a basic human need, and consequently 81 percent of modern employees feel positively about being able to "work from anywhere in the world." An additional 49 percent of employees believe that the future of remote work is already happening today. While it's clear that contemporary talent values flexible wo


10 Do’s and Don’ts for Writing a Winning Cybersecurity Resume

Is a cybersecurity degree worth it? The answer is yes, but it also depends on who’s asking. Higher education could be a profitable pathway, especially if you’re already a student. However, school isn’t the only way to get your foot in the door. You can land a job in cybersecurity with a curious mindset and a solid cybersecurity resume.


The 20th anniversary of WiFi: High-efficiency WiFi 6 is here!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of WiFi, the wireless connectivity technology that revolutionized how users interact with devices in the late 1990s. To mark this occasion, let’s rewind for a minute to the inception of consumer Wi-Fi. Boybands, the Matrix, and low-rise jeans ruled pop culture back in 1999, and many of us were relying on painfully slow dial-up internet to work and socialize back then. Wi-Fi changed everything, and the standard continues to evolve and improve to this day.


CTA Design and Placement: 5 Best Practices to Improve Conversions

“Click here to learn more” can only get you so far. Smarter CTA design could help you unlock better marketing results for your website. Calls to action (CTAs) are interactive buttons on your website that invite visitors to take a certain action. CTA buttons can be used to ask visitors to: Subscribe Get Started Demo Learn More Sign Up The top 10 percent of websites have conversion rates of 11.45 percent or higher, according to WordStream. The cross-industry average, per the same source, is


13 Retail Payment Security Tips for Safe 2019 Holiday Shopping

The holiday shopping season is officially upon us, and so is a new seasonal batch of payment security threats. The holiday sales rush spells payday for retail cybercriminals. Eight percent of consumers fell victim to identity theft or fraud during the holidays last year, according to a 2018 Experian survey, and nearly half of all holiday identity theft incidents are the result of shopping online.


After the Diversity Training: Ensuring Continued Commitment via LMS

Once you've made a successful diversity training business case, it's time to put your ideas into action. A four-hour annual training probably won't create real change in the workplace. According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), an inclusive culture determines how well diverse teams perform. Ongoing training can help to create cultural change and inspire individuals to live up to values of diversity and inclusion.


What Is a Chatbot, and How Do You Implement One on Your Website?

More than 60 percent of U.S. consumers today prefer to use automated customer service, according to American Express. This includes digital self-serve tools such as websites, apps, and — notably — chatbots. But what is a chatbot, exactly? Putting it simply, chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate conversation with humans, especially for customer service or business growth.


10 Surprisingly Bright Spots on the Darknet

The darknet isn’t all creepy, illegal content. There’s definitely no shortage of criminal forums or malware marketplaces beneath the surface web, but there’s also a few legitimate websites and communities. To be clear, the darknet is still, well, dark and dangerous. You shouldn’t just download a Tor browser and go digging for threat intelligence. Not everyone who heads below the surface web, however, is trying to buy stolen passwords or rent a botnet for hire. Some Tor users are simply trying


7 Can’t-Miss Cybersecurity Lessons From Black Hat USA and Vegas Security Week

As Black Hat USA and DEF CON 2019 draw to a close, the security industry continues to buzz over events from the annual Las Vegas security week. Each year, nearly 20,000 security professionals, researchers and hackers convene on the Las Vegas strip for a week of cutting-edge security trainings, sessions and research. Black Hat and DEF CON sessions served up a shocking amount of internet of things (IoT) vulnerabilities and research on security best practices.


5 Smart Career Path Planning Tips from Real Executives

A successful future in information technology requires tech professionals to pursue new abilities and knowledge continually. Technology is evolving faster than ever, and professional skill sets have a rapidly shortening shelf life. By 2020, the work-related skills and knowledge taught in university will be obsolete within five years, according to the Harvard Business Review. IT career path planning is necessary to survive an uncertain future.


How to Get Your Boss to Pay for Your Cybersecurity Certification

Pursuing a cybersecurity certification is a wise career investment for today's security professionals. Cybersecurity certifications validate the skills needed for the more than 300,000 unfilled security jobs in the United States and 1 million open positions globally. In addition to job security, a certification can be a tool for a lucrative career path, including median earnings of more than $95,000 per year with just three to four years of experience.




Freelance digital content contributor to Skyword. Provided long-form articles, blog posts, whitepapers, and ghostwritten thought leadership content for Skyword Clients. Bylined contributor to: Security Intelligence Forbes Brand Voice WordPress HP Tektonika IBM Mobile Business Insights Samsung IBM Energy Analytics Sabre Mimecast Phillips ADT Meredith Media

Company: Skyword

I worked there from 5/2015 until now

Inbound Writer

Served as a contractor ghostwriter for Certified Platinum HubSpot agency clients in the telecom, SaaS, life sciences, and health care industries.

Company: Lean Labs

I worked there from 8/2015 until now

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