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About Me

Edwin is a collaborative and dependable writer who can write informative and intriguing content. With excellent English grammar and editing skills, Edwin writes technical, advertising, and promotional articles. 

The price of my contents is adjustable, and it does not alter the quality of work presented to the client. I have the experience to deliver informative and responsive articles that meet its target audience. 

To deliver great content, I work closely with my client as a partner would. These will enable me to get an insight into the company, and to write the expected information. My clients will enjoy a good working experience, for I am flexible to work on changes and available on any day and odd time.

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My Writing Samples

Invisalign Alternatives for The Modern Day Adults

When you have a pleasant smile, it shows your confident, joyful, and have perfect teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford that smile because of misaligned teeth, with bite issues. To correct your teeth position, you have the option of Invisalign treatment. This dental option is discreet and preferable for adults, but it's not everyone's alternative. Patients would like a procedure that has a short treatment period, low cost, not allergic, and will not affect their speech. Therefore, it


Benching Systems Offer Effective Solutions in Workplaces

Get the Most of the Workspace with Benching Systems Companies are looking for creative ways to leverage their office space and use a system that allows the accommodation of many people. Benching systems in the workplace help the coordination of the task's team activities and sharing team materials. It is cost-effective in installations, for it requires less energy and materials than the option of the office cubicles. Let's look at why businesses should opt to use benching workstations in their




Article writer and editor

Company: Zerys

I worked there from 1/2016 until now


Create professional-looking and informative content for use on a client's website. Here, I use the recommended SEO strategies to create original and high-quality content with the target audience in mind. The intended topographic audience will have more traffic leads to the website; a good return on investment. I have the experience to ensure optimal quality and compliance of all content. These are by performing research from credible sources in all markets and prepare it for a responsive market

Company: Zerys

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

Freelance Writer

I have experience in writing compelling content, for various markets and platforms. My content has creative and strategic ideas, which are efficient and effective to develop the industry. These are through research from credible sources, up to date and use of SEO strategies. For good results, I use high-quality in-house tools such as high-speed internet, and keen to follow the guidelines. I deliver the finished content in a timely manner. These include; blogs, reviews, product descriptions, art

Company: Verblio

I worked there from / until now

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