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About Me

I believe I am suited to this role because I am exceedingly hard working and I  strive to achieve my very best in every task I am set. Whether this task is given to me by another person or I set it for myself, I am a driven, conscientious and dedicated individual and these qualities aid me in my daily life. Although achieving success is a brilliant feeling, I feel that I am mature enough to know that failures do happen too. But what separates myself from others, is that I am aware that the most important thing is how you deal with the failure. Failures shouldn’t define anyone; in fact, I believe that that’s how people become stronger.  I view failure as merely a device through which I can improve and prepare for tasks in the future. I seek to be chosen for this position as it will help me build upon the person I dream to be when I progress further in my life. For this reason, I feel that I am suitable for this role because I will go above and beyond the bare minimum to fulfil the wishes of those who are in need of my support, and this position will allow me to continue to do so. I acknowledge my ability to work well within a group and I believe this characteristic will allow me to bring positivity, warmth and a great work ethic to any assignment I am required to do. 

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