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About Me

Matt Shaw has spent the last 10 years helping some of the largest companies in the world understand how people use technology to make sense of the world around them and to communicate with each other. He is an expert in many facets of digital communications, including social media, digital content, communications, research, and innovation. Currently, he runs all gaming and esports activities for a major international sportswear brand.

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My Writing Samples

The Games Are Playing Us

Brief ponderations on the gradual and momentous shift in games from one-dose pleasure pills to shapers of men and nations, and the symbiotic interplay between games and their players.


What the Internet Reveals About Ourselves

An exploration of the nature of identity on the internet, and how social media networks misunderstand what "identity" means.


Why We Need a New Social Network

A brief thought piece on the history of social networks, and how contemporary networks fail to meet the needs that made early social media networks compelling.


Please Waste My Time

A celebration of inefficiency in the pursuit of hair-brained ideas, and a call to action for those who feel like their genius is a waste of someone else's time.


A Connected Existence

In 2014, I wrote this piece in part to forecast the nature of the connected home. Some of the projections have come to pass, and others have yet to, but it's fun to look at the world almost a year prior to the release of the Amazon Echo, knowing what we know now.


Your Orthodoxy Is Wrong

A thought piece about what consumers want from the internet (and social media), which concludes that the things businesses create for consumers are only tailored to the interests that consumers talk about, and not the ones that they use the internet to explore anonymously.


All Media Is Social

A brief fable about Willy the Salesman to illustrate the purpose of social media as a surrogate for face-to-face interactions.


7 Things I've Learned from Beer

In a saturated market with little product variability, how do you compete? By not competing. This article was written toward the beginning of the craft beer boom, but its lessons are as true today as they were then.



Sr. Strategist, Esports and Marketing Innovation

Company: PUMA

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

Director, Social Content Systems

Company: Arnold Worldwide

I worked there from 11/2015 until 10/2017

Senior Account Executive

Company: DigitasLBi

I worked there from 4/2011 until 9/2014

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Company: Captains of Industry

I worked there from 4/2010 until 10/2010

Interactive Marketing Manager

Company: Flimp Media Inc.

I worked there from 6/2009 until 5/2010

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