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Making complex technology simple

About Me

15 years’ experience as a technical writer in development environments. Skilled in producing user guides, online help, video tutorials, developer help, and API reference guides for content management, telecommunications and medical systems. Prior experience as a computer programmer and English/ESL teacher. Skilled at learning applications quickly, simplifying complex topics, and communicating with developers and other team members.

Industries I Write About



Science & Medicine

Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

Laboratory System User Guide: Portal Chapter

Shows users of a client portal how to create a user, place a lab test order, and view lab test results.


Online Tutorial for Web Management System: Getting Started

Online Tutorial for new users of web management software that helps users create their first website. Note: Only links in the left navigation pane are functional.


Web Content: How to Change Google Autofill

I wrote this article for Demand Studios, a web content company. One of the websites that it appeared on was OpposingViews.com.


Web Content: How Often Does Google Analytics Refresh?

I wrote this article for Demand Studios, a web content company. One of the websites that it appeared on was OpposingViews.com.


Lab System Training Video: New Portal Order

A short training video that teaches a user of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) how to how to create a new lab test order from a physician portal.


Lab System Training Video: Add a Client

A short video that teaches a user of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) how to add a client to their system.


Developer Guide for Enterprise Content Management System: Implementing WebDAV

A 44-page guide on creating an interface between a content management system and third party software. The interface enables users to create content in either system and view and edit it in both.


Developer Guide for Enterprise Content Management System: Assembling a PDF

An 18-page guide on generating content stored in the system in PDF format.


Online Help for Email Marketing System API: Basic Structure of the API

Explains API’s internal structure and how it sends messages.


Reference Page for API of Email Marketing Application: addContacts

API reference page for method that adds external contacts to the system. Includes description of method, syntax, parameters, example code, and other details.


Lab System Training Video: Accessioning, Reviewing Results, and Approving Reports

An 11-minute video that demonstrates a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) process for accessioning tests, and reviewing and approving test results.


Laboratory System User Guide: QC Charts Chapter

Instructs users in reading and generating quality control charts and reports.


PowerPoint Presentation: Getting Started with Accessioning

Shows users of a Lab Information Management System the steps for accessioning a new order.


Web Content for Business Intelligence Company: About Us Text

Text of the “About Us” page for the company’s new website


Email Template for Announcing New Feature

Email template for administrators of senior care facilities explaining a new subscription email feature to employees.


Laboratory System User Guide: Microbiology Lab Test Results Procedure

Procedure for lab personnel to follow when reviewing and completing results of microbiology lab tests.


Blog Post from Happy Family or Bust

Blog post from a parenting blog I was publishing.



Principal Technical Writer

BGASoft produces the LIMSABC laboratory management system. ▪ As sole technical writer, created and updated all technical documentation for the modules of a laboratory information management system including accessioning, medical testing, billing and claims, and others. ▪ Created online help, general and custom end-user guides, video tutorials, blog pages, slideshows, and release notes, as well as other types of documentation. ▪ Designed

Company: BGASoft

I worked there from 12/2013 until 11/2019

Freelance Writing

Clients and projects included: ▪ ABHOW (Assisted living management) – Wrote email feature user guide. ▪ CRMText (SMS software) – Developed conceptual API documentation. ▪ IfByPhone (Call automation software) – Created API system documentation. ▪ Elance (Job website) – Wrote API method reference. ▪ Faro (Business intelligence software) – Developed website content and video script. ▪ Charity Navigator – Wrote API method reference. ▪ Vision6 (Email Marketing Softwa

Company: Multiple Clients

I worked there from 6/2012 until 12/2013

Senior Technical Writer

Percussion Software produced the Percussion Content Management System and Percussion CM1. ▪ Planned and created Web documentation for a lightweight content management system. Documented how to implement blogs, tags, and comment moderation. ▪ Worked closely with developers in an Agile environment. ▪ Created developer, administrator and end-user documentation for enterprise content management system. Documented Java code, XML formatting, MS SQL dat

Company: Percussion Software

I worked there from 9/2001 until 12/2012

Content I Write