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Over 25 years of print, audio, and video content creation and development.

About Me

I'm a content creator. I went to school to study mass communications, and every job I've ever had since has utilized my writing and speaking skills. I have over 25 years of diverse content creation and development experience.

My first job out of college was as a writer for the Wisconsin Sports Authority in Milwaukee. Later, I founded a national radio program and wrote everything - from radio scripts to web content. After 5 years of hosting my own radio program, I was hired by a large national radio program to be their content researcher and writer. I've also spent many years working with people on a local level which has required me to use my writing and communication skills to produce print resources, web content, and audio and video content that clearly communicate complex concepts in understandable ways. 

With over 25 years of diverse content development experience, I'm equipped and qualified to serve you and your company. Check out my portfolio for a broad example of my work.

Industries I Write About




Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples


The ground-breaking monthly product tracker that I developed for all my Amazon accounts. This provided them with exact product data that they otherwise wouldn't have had.



A sample of the way I described the marketing solutions offered by the third-party wholesale company I founded.



A sample of a concise description of the benefits of the company's services I developed, wrote, and successfully executed.



I have written, produced, engineered and hosted over 200 radio shows and podcasts. Here's the web page with the podcasts I do in my current leadership position.



A sample of the clarity and detail of my writing in explaining what people can expect when they visit a church service.



A training manual I wrote for a church's leadership team.



A sample blog post where I recount a story of my daughter's interaction with Denzel Washington.



Lead Pastor

Lead a diverse congregation of over 200 people by organization and leadership of weekly services, oversight of paid and volunteer staff, coordination and scheduling of events, leadership in outreach and community service events, designing and creating content for the web site, creation of leadership resources (print, audio, video), and production and engineering of weekly online web resources and livestream content.

Company: Foothills Fellowship (non-profit, church)

I worked there from 12/2006 until now

Podcast Writer, Engineer, and Producer

3DM North America is a global movement of leadership and mission to North America utilizing training Hubs in cities across North America and around the world. The mission of 3DM is to invest in and raise up leaders who empower everyday people to transform the world. I was recently approached to oversee the vision of and development for their North America podcast where I will write, record, edit, and produce a podcast slated to go online in late 2021.

Company: 3D Movements [3DM North America] (non-profit, leadership development)

I worked there from 1/2021 until now

Founding Partner, Marketing Director, Listing Optimizer

Led a successful million-dollar Amazon third-party wholesale company in account acquisition and growth, securing numerous accounts and helping clients build their brand on Amazon. Developed a ground-breaking marketing data resource called "Product Tracker" that provided clients with exact product data they otherwise wouldn't have had. Also handled shipping logistics, keyword and media listing optimization, and product ad development and placement.

Company: PROvide Marketing (e-commerce)

I worked there from 7/2017 until 1/2019

Radio Script Researcher and Writer

Member of the Los Angeles-based national radio team where I helped develop vision and strategy for the HomeWord national radio program (on over 900 radio stations daily in North America). I did most of the research for program content and wrote the majority of the radio show scripts during that time.

Company: HomeWord (daily radio show)

I worked there from 9/2004 until 12/2006

Founder, Director, Radio Host, Web Content Writer

Founder, director, producer, writer and host of a national weekly radio program designed to inform, educate, and equip parents of teenagers. I also designed and wrote all web site content including being one of the first radio programs to utilize the "new" RealPlayer audio technology for web sites. I traveled all over the United States from 2002-2004 holding multi-media seminars and conferences.

Company: Parenting Teenagers (non-profit, radio and web)

I worked there from 9/1999 until 9/2004

Director of Students and Families

Led a diverse group of over 100 families by organization and leadership of weekly gathering, oversight of paid and volunteer staff, coordination and scheduling of events, and development of print resources design to enhance the relationship between parents and teenagers.

Company: FairCreek Church (non-profit, church)

I worked there from 6/1994 until 6/1999

Content Writer and Event Organizer

Content writer for sports publications and event organizer for the 1993 NCAA Hockey Final 4 and 1994 Wisconsin Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Company: Wisconsin Sports Authority (sports marketing firm)

I worked there from 8/1992 until 6/1994

On-Air Personality and Commercial Voice

On-air personality and voice for commercials at the "Oldies" (60's and 70's) radio station in Milwaukee.

Company: WZTR Radio (95.7FM)

I worked there from 9/1992 until 6/1994

Content I Write