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About Me

I have been a freelance writer and author since 2012. I have mostly written as a ghostwriter, but I have also written for Medium under my own name. In addition to freelancing, I have self-published numerous fiction novels under a pen name (Ruby Blaylock). I love both freelancing and being an author as they let me flex my writing muscles in very different ways!

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Do You Know What Neurodiversity Means?

As a parent to a child on the autism spectrum, I wrote this piece to both share awareness and also lead my readers to question whether the labels we use regarding mental health are actually imposing limits on all people of all abilities.


Ruby Blaylock books

In addition to being a freelance writer, I have written several fiction novels under the pen name Ruby Blaylock.



Bank Teller

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, I worked as a bank teller for three years. I greatly enjoyed this position and learned a good deal about personal finance.

Company: Carolina First/TD Bank

I worked there from / until /

Freelance Writer

I have been freelancing since the birth of my youngest child. I have written blog posts, product descriptions, and various content for websites. I have written in a wide variety of niches, from personal finance to pets and a fair bit in between! I have written blog posts for locksmiths, flooring websites, dental offices, insurance companies, customer service companies, and many other businesses. I wrote these as a ghostwriter through numerous platforms as well as directly for some clients.

Company: JB Woods

I worked there from / until now

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