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5 Friends Every New Mum Needs When They Get Back To Work

Have at least one neighbour friend who can look after your child when you need to run errands or check up on your nanny when you’re away. If the friend also has children of their own, it’s an added bonus as your babies can become friends, you can share parenting advice and support each other where the need arises.


The Best Baby Bottles To Help With Colic and Gas

There are numerous bottles from numerous varieties of brands. When choosing baby bottles, choose shatter-resistant bottles that slant towards the nipple.


8 Sex Habits For A Healthy Sex Life

Learn what it will take to have a healthy sex life in your relationship, then do what you can to have it. It will take time, effort and hard work but it will be worth it.


8 Strategies To Building an Emergency Fund

What if your car broke down today? Or a family member fell ill and suddenly hospital bills are unbearable?


9 Things Mums With Good Credit Always Do

People with good credit have it for a reason - they pay their bills on time. Here is what mums with good credit do.


How To Rebuild Your Credit in 6 Simple Ways

While personal loans enable to you to enjoy experiences, remember that they can get you into debt, you can rebuild your credit with these tips



Digital Content Specialist

• Update social media pages • Write articles on a daily basis related to parenting. • Research, develop and curate various types of relatable content for Mumsvillage website, social media outlets that inspire and entertain audience and support the marketing goals. • Identify opportunities for content promotion and content partnerships with various publishers, brands and blogs online. • Editing and proofreading content to meet quality standards. • Develop a database of industry resources.

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