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Freelance Copywriter

About Me

I am a Direct Response Copywriter, helping Technology and IT oriented companies that solve Environmental and geographic problems accomplish 4 main things:
1. Engage more accurately with their audience
2. Improve their brand awareness
3. Design marketing strategies that helps them achieve their goals and plan
4. Formulate sales strategies that helps increase the sales of the company's product or services.

I previously worked as a Direct Response Copywriter on upwork.com for 3+ years. There I helped many brands and individual clients target their primary audience, increase the rate of engagement that they have with their clients.

I have proficiency in helping clients write Whitepapers, Case Studies, Ad Copies, Email Copies, website copy and Landing Page copy. His primary duty with each project is to help the brand establish authority In its industry, improve engagement, conversion and consequently more sales.

I have a very strong background in SEO Content Writing - he started out freelancing as a content writer. He helped formulate SEO strategies for different blogs and companies he worked with in order to understand the appropriate keywords to increase engagement with their audience.

I have a desire to help companies promote and introduce their products to prospective customers and other businesses. Also, I have a high preference for working with clients that are concerned about giving valuable Information out to their readers, preferring Quality over Quantity and have a high preference for Superb Writing.

Using Copywriting and SEO, I seek to achieve the result you desire. I will not only write your contents to persuade your customers which will, in turn, yield more leads, but he will also ensure the flow, logic, and syntax are in place, which will ensure conversion of leads.

Do you want to engage better with your audience? 

Hire Me.

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Freelance Webcopywriter

I was hired to optimize both the entire web copy and the landing page of the website. I rewrote the web copy and also created a landing page copy. Optimization increased and they were able to target their preferred customers more efficiently.

Company: EqualWeb

I worked there from 11/2018 until 1/2019

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