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About Me

Freelance writer specialising in fashion/beauty, health and gender equality. As well as writing news and features for several publications, I have experience in creating e-commerce copy for brands and content for the education, retail and technology sectors.

I also work as an editor/proofreader for several major brands and am comfortable editing both shorter descriptions and longer pieces.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Why don't we know more about migraines?

Migraines affect one in every five women and is the world’s second-largest contributor to years of disability. But research remains severely underfunded – and some specialists dismiss it as a 'real neurology’.


The women educating the Middle East about sexual health

Two 20-something, well-educated women from Iran came to America. So why were they so clueless about their own sexual health?


How fashion failed to confront its #MeToo moments

In June, Ian Connor and A$AP Bari—two men accused of varying degrees of sexual assault—took their places on the front rows of two highly publicized fashion shows.


The unstoppable CGI model rebellion

It may dominate modern day lives but technology still has divisive power—especially in industries like fashion which have been notoriously slow to adopt innovation. But one movie technique is slowly weeding its way in and throwing up a lot of questions in the process.


How cowboy style made its way back to the fashion frontier

Valentine’s Day, 2017. The day of Raf Simons’ first Calvin Klein showdown. No one knew quite what to expect, so expecting something, at the very least, was all they could do. It turned out a tribute to all things America was in the cards. Not a riff on Make America Great Again hats or a stars and stripes concoction, but a newfangled vision of the Wild West.


How to create a billion-dollar beauty business

For those who are stuck between launching a fashion or beauty brand, take one look at both industries’ bottom lines. While fashion businesses can take an age to pick up steam (often never making it), today’s beauty-focused companies can receive billion-dollar valuations in just a few years.


What makes someone spend £20,000 on streetwear?

How resale apps are fueling a new kind of male addiction


How brands can give women a seat at the table

Sticking a feminist slogan on a white T-shirt and reaping the rewards just doesn’t cut it anymore. Women have wizened up to the marketing tactics of brands, rightfully expecting more than shallow words and false promises.


How artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise e-commerce

Online retailers face many struggles. Acquiring customers is one, keeping them on a site is another, and actually landing a sale is the last. All of these are major hurdles that can easily be overcome thanks to new artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


Everything you need to know about chemical exfoliation

Skin cells typically regenerate every month or so. But things like sun exposure and aging can slow this process down. That’s where exfoliation comes in handy. A quick way of removing dead skin, it can do everything from brightening your complexion to fading acne scars.


Leukemia's unexpected link to vitamin B-6

Researchers have discovered a new target for leukemia treatment after their study revealed that cancerous cells utilize vitamin B-6. The development of a new drug that could prove to be more effective than current treatments is underway.


It's 2020 & sexual harassment at the gym is still a major problem

Only a recent convert to the gym, the issue of sexual harassment in fitness spaces hasn't escaped my attention. I see it almost every time I look around. A personal trainer (PT) approaching young woman after young woman offering advice they don't seem interested in receiving. Women leaving a treadmill as a man decides to run next to them, despite countless machines being empty...


#Megxit just went from online weapon to actual reality

Over the past decade, a handful of debates have loomed large over British public discourse, creating unbridgeable chasms that threaten the foundation of a country that once prided itself on its ability for polite conversation. The most obvious is, of course, Brexit. But if you look in the right places, the Meghan Markle divide is not too far from the EU referendum one in terms of fervour and tactics.


Small business lead generation & cold email course

Wrote overall course description and individual lecture descriptions


Advanced product management course

Wrote overall course description and individual lecture descriptions




- Regular news/feature contributor to Bustle UK, Healthline and Medical News Today - Copywriter for companies in the education, retail and technology sectors - Previously published by BBC Future, The Daily Beast, The Cut and more

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 12/2015 until now


- Work with Jellyfish as freelance editor and editorial lead for clients such as Eventbrite, Marks & Spencer and Louis Vuitton

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

Style Writer

- Covered fashion and lifestyle news and features - Edited articles written by freelancers - Responsible for all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - Hosted and produced video series

Company: Yahoo

I worked there from 8/2016 until 12/2017

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