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PR, SEO, and Content Marketing

About Me

Eli Kelly is an experienced Content Marketing Professional with a wide range of expertise and tactical knowledge. 

He prefers to create content that is focused, practical, and serves a direct marketing purpose. He is knowledgable in SEO, PR, Social Selling, Thought Leadership and Engagement Strategies to help maximize the impact of the content that he creates.

He is also a published author on notable publications such as:

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My Writing Samples

Should You Use Instagram Automation? The Pros & Cons of Instagram Bots

Experiment-driven and high-value article testing instagram automation vs. human engagement.


How To Use Data-Driven Pitches To Land Media Coverage For Startups

"How To" article sharing strategic advice for startups running PR campaigns.


2019 Google core algorithm updates: Lessons and tips to future-proof your SEO

Thought leadership article sharing high-level insight on Google algorithm updates for SEO and marketing professionals.


How To Use Twitter To Automatically Monitor For Press Opportunities

Strategic article sharing practical advice on how to set up marketing automation.


How to Promote a Documentary Storytelling Series on Social Media

Advice-driven article sharing tactical instructions for social media marketing professionals.


SEO Should Be Spelled With A PR

Article exploring the intersection of SEO and PR for small business owners.


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