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Em Casalena


SEO/Marketing Copywriter

About Me

Hey there!

I have more than five years of full-time freelance writing and editing experience. Currently, I mainly work with one content firm where I ghostwrite their blog posts and serve as editor of their business content. Over the years, I have authored hundreds of posts and articles for blogs, websites, and mailers.

In addition to my solid writing and editing, I am well-versed in Wordpress and HTML, CSS, SEO, and content marketing.

I am very flexible in scheduling and look forward to seeing how we can work together!

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My Writing Samples

HIPAA Compliance

If you’re part of a medical facility, work in the health care sector, or own a pharmacy, chances are you’ve heard of HIPAA compliance.


An In-Depth Review of Funnelflix

So what is Funnelflix? Does it actually help entrepreneurs? We’ll be covering all of this and more in our guide to the pros and cons of Funnelflix.


15 Horror And Thriller Books You Didn’t Know Were Becoming Movies And TV Shows

If you're a fan of these classic horror and thriller books, you'll be happy to know they we will soon see them as movies or TV Shows.


How the Gut-Brain Axis Affects Mental Health

This article is part of a series on Nutritional Psychology and how what we eat affects our brains and moods.


POTS vs. VoIP vs. PSTN: What's the Difference?

There certainly are a ton of options out there when it comes to phone networks. Two of the most popular options are POTS or VoIP. But what exactly are these options, and what are their pros and cons?


Strategic Referral Marketing - The Basics

So what is the fuel that creates more opportunities out of relationships? It all comes down to being “top of mind” with the right people.


How to Improve Customer Experience in Logistics Businesses

In this guide, we’ll be looking at a handful of things a logistics business can do to achieve success in customer experience.


The Metamorphosis of Worship

Artists are reimagining the classic use of gospel sound and what it means to express spirituality without boundaries.


Katastro Stay the Course With Their New Album

Creation is one method of catharsis that often has worked for bereaved artists. For drummer Andrew Stravers, whose father died earlier this year in the wake of writing Katastro’s album Tropical Heartbreak, artistic creation was similarly healing.


12 Tips and Resources to Learn Spoken Japanese and Start Communicating Today

We’ve put together a list of the best tips, tricks and resources to get you started on your journey to perfect spoken Japanese.


How to Make Your Personal Financial Plan More Tax-Smart

In this guide, we’ll be looking into different strategies virtually anyone can implement into their financial plan. Plus, many of these tips are very easy to make use of.


Do Businesses Really Need Endpoint Security?

“Endpoint” is a word that floats are a lot nowadays in modern business circles, particularly when it comes to discussions about improving network cyber security.



Freelance Writer

Company: Phoenix New Times

I worked there from 8/2019 until now

Copywriter and Editor

ContentFly is on a mission to make content marketing more affordable and accessible to small businesses and to offer a safe and stable marketplace for the best freelance writers out there.

Company: Contentfly

I worked there from 3/2019 until now

Content Writer

Best known for "How to make a living as a writer".

Company: Medium

I worked there from 4/2018 until now

Language Blogger (Japanese)

Language immersion is the key to learning a foreign language. FluentU brings language learning to life through language immersion with real-world videos.

Company: FluentU

I worked there from 7/2017 until 8/2019

Advice Columnist

Company: YNOT Cam

I worked there from 8/2018 until 4/2019

Staff Writer

Screen Rant had a humble start back in 2003 and, in the years since, has grown into one of the largest and most-respected entertainment news sources in the world - serving over 105 million readers in 2015 alone.

Company: Screen Rant

I worked there from 8/2016 until 12/2018

Music Journalist

Arena provides knowledge, resources and direction for the world's creative and artistic communities through a platform designed to build and sustain viable careers in music, art and film and further perpetuate the power of music for the benefit of others.

Company: Arena Music

I worked there from 10/2016 until 8/2018


The HOTH is a white label SEO service built specifically for agencies, in-house SEOs, and affiliates.

Company: The HOTH

I worked there from 9/2016 until 6/2017

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