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Blog and Article Writer

About Me

 I am a freelance writer who loves to create engaging content using my unique perspective. The combination of my education, business experience, life experience, and affinity for writing helps me come up with original ideas and create compelling content. 

I am a frequent blogger on Medium, where I have enjoyed connecting with readers and growing my following. You can also find my work on the Newsbreak platform, where I cover lifestyle topics and other news for the Chicago area.

Throughout my career, whether as a lighting designer or professional writer, I have maintained my strong work ethic and adherence to professional values. And most importantly, I love what I do. 

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Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

10 Surprising Uses Scientists Have Found for Plastic Waste

More than merely recycling, these innovators have come up with surprising ways to transform plastic waste into something else entirely. For example, used plastic has been turned into items such as vanilla flavoring, protein powder, and bricks stronger than concrete.


Would you believe Portillo's Hot Dogs is the most popular restaurant in Chicago?

A new list from Bid-On-Equipment ranking the top restaurants in major cities found this hot dog chain is where Chicagoans are heading the most when they want to eat out.


Your Treadmill Run Doesn’t Have to Be Boring: How to Spice It Up

Stuck inside this winter? Try these 10 ideas for keeping yourself entertained during treadmill running.


As Crazy as a Movie Scene, Heather Tallchief and Robert Solis Pulled off One of the Biggest Las Vega

In 1993, 21-year-old former nursing assistant Heather Tallchief drove off in an armored car with $3 million


So You Want to Be a Runner: A Beginner’s Guide to Running

You can train to run a 5K, even if you’ve never run before


The Age of Unregulated Cryptocurrency Is Coming to an End

New regulations are being proposed for cryptocurrency all over the world. It’s too soon to know exactly what effect this will have on the digital currency, but change is coming.


Why Your Business Website Needs New Content

If you want your website to rank high in the Google search engine, you need to update it regularly. How often you should add to your blog depends on the size of your business.


How To Create and Fill a Great Outline for Your Writing

Keep your emails, articles, and newsletters from wandering off


Avoid Redundancy in Your Writing

Although common in everyday speech, keeping your writing free of redundancies helps your message stand out


How to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

No, it’s not your imagination. It’s a real phenomenon.


Can Yoga Improve Your Running?

Yoga can help you become more attune with your body. By mindful breathing and focusing during yoga, you are training your mind to concentrate on the present.


Dream-Flavored Coca-Cola & 20 More Weird Novelty Soda Flavors

A roundup of some of the strangest novelty soda flavors ever to hit the shelves.


Persistent Depressive Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment Options

Persistent depressive disorder affects many people at all ages and stages of life. Learn more about PDD along with its symptoms, causes and treatments.



Professional Writer | Blogger | Content Creator | Editor

Enthusiastic Freelance Writer with over three years of experience writing for online platforms, blogs, and other media. Adept at creating compelling stories that draw clicks. Uses a Psychology background, life experience, and a passion for fitness and nutrition combined with outstanding writing skills to generate engaging content on wellness, lifestyle, true crime, human interest, and environmental topics.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 8/2019 until now

Branding Specialist | Profile Writer | LinkedIn Makeover Professional | Mentor

I write high-level LinkedIn profiles that tell a unique professional story. I am excited to create dynamic summaries that help professionals land at the top of the search results and stand out from the crowd. I love when clients are pleased with the results and proud of their upgraded profile. Vision Board Media, LLC is a pioneering boutique-marketing firm that collaborates with c-level, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies to design and develop branding strategies.

Company: Vision Board Media

I worked there from 1/2022 until now

Content Creator | Community Voice Pro | Freelance Writer | Contributor

NewsBreak's mission is to keep local news alive. As a Community Voice Pro, I cover lifestyle content and local happenings in the Chicago area. I enjoy connecting with my local community and sharing news of the day that readers want to know about. NewsBreak's Contributor Network brings together professional and aspiring journalists, writers, and high-quality content contributors to cover everything from breaking local news to community events to hidden neighborhood gems.

Company: NewsBreak

I worked there from 12/2020 until now

Freelance Writer | Blogger | Content Creator | Contributor

Medium is an ideal environment where one can stretch their writing voice, blog daily, and experiment with new ideas. I have been writing on Medium since 2019. During my time here, I have launched two publications (True Crime Tragedies and Exploring Wellness) and am currently a volunteer Senior Editor for the Illumination Publications. The best ideas can change who we are. Medium is where those ideas take shape, take off, and spark powerful conversations.

Company: Medium

I worked there from /2019 until now

Design Engineer

• Managed CAD department • Created electrical drawings for new construction, renovations, and as-built conditions • Designed lighting plans based on customer needs, local codes, and energy requirements • LEED AP certified

Company: Electrical Design Systems, Corp.

I worked there from 9/2002 until 5/2011

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