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Hi! I'm Denis Gate. A copywriter who's passionate about helping my client get results through sharp, insightful copy. After over 10 years working with clients like Nokia,Quil, Ezdia, and Staples, I'll bring a unique perspective to your brand- helping you uncover that nugget of truth that sets you apart and putting it to work in a big way. Whether you need blog posts, video scripts, product descriptions, web copy or collateral systems, we can work together to make sure we break away from the competition and never look back.

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How Negativity Bias Can Harm Your Mental Health

The human brain has a natural tendency to focus more on and remember the negative encounters, experiences, or interactions than the positive ones. This trait explains why we feel stuck thinking about the unpleasant events, setbacks endured, or bad and depressing news. Psychologists refer to this as negativity bias and suggest it can have severe effects on health.


Why Does the FDA Still Ban Blood Donations From Gay Men?

In the wake of immense public pressure, the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) ban on blood donations from gay, bisexual and queer men took effect in the 1980s amid the AIDS epidemic in the United States. Almost four decades later, the ban still holds, even with the U.S. facing its first-ever blood shortage crisis. While there have been notable changes to the policy — including a modification of the restrictions in 2015 to allow queer men to donate blood if they stayed abstinent for at least a y


The Law and Childcare in the Post-Pandemic World

The problem of childcare is not new to American society. For decades, it has been difficult for working parents to find affordable child care that suits their lifestyle. Meanwhile, childcare businesses have struggled to balance high-quality and developmentally appropriate childcare with affordability for their clientele.


How Next-Gen EPM Usability Can Increase Productivity

In this article, learn about NextGen’s EPM solution, and just how its usability can help you to increase productivity for better patient service and practice management.


The 3 Methods of Effective Capacity Planning

As the world changes, organizations must recognize and prepare for the effects of these changes to take advantage of all business opportunities and deliver value to all their customers. This is the very heart of capacity planning: establishing that delicate yet crucial balance between your resources and the market demands on those resources.


End of Life Care at Cedar Creek Homes

As the patients grow older, their condition may deteriorate to the point of being declared terminal. At this point, they need palliative or hospice care (aka end-of-life care) to make their remaining time comfortable and meaningful. End-of-life services include pain and symptom management, disbursement of medication, emotional support and assistance with the activities of daily living, among others.


Financial Planning for Business Owners

Financial planning for small business owners is more challenging because of the overlap between personal and business financial goals. A financial planner can help you create and implement appropriate strategies to reach business and personal financial success. Learn the significant aspects of business financial planning and how you can strategize for financial success.


How to Optimize Your Website Conversion Funnel

Optimizing your conversion funnel is critical to ensure you have the highest possible number of people at the bottom. In this article, learn the different stages of the buying process, and what you can do to ensure you get the highest number of customers and brand ambassadors moving down the funnel. This ultimate guide to webs conversion funnel optimization is definitely something to read, reread, bookmark and pin!



Content Writer

Daily monitoring of each client’s review sites and social media sites Creation of creative daily posts to various social media sites across the internet Daily emails to clients with updates of the status of their social media environment Researching relevant social media content and understanding ongoing social media changes and innovations.

Company: Eristex Content Solutions

I worked there from 3/2017 until now

Freelance Writer

Company: ContentFly

I worked there from 1/2021 until 12/2021

Freelance Writer

Company: eZdia Inc.

I worked there from 2/2019 until 11/2020

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