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Copywriter for non-profits & businesses making the world a better place

About Me

My writing quickly grabs a target audience, connects with their emotions and leaves them inspired and excited to take action. With skilled storytelling I transform case studies into engaging conten to connect and persuade... to clearly show readers the benefits of them donating or purchasing. 

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Health & Wellness

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What makes a good blog? Talking to the reader as an equal in a conversational manner. Giving them value - something to learn, something thought-provoking or providing humour. Invoke an emotion in a reader and you will hook them into seeing what's next... and inspire them to take action.


Social Media Feed (Package of posts)

A package of 17 posts (including on-brand graphics, images and captions), set of researched hashtags, highlights, a profile makeover and a consult in February 2019 for a Birthwork Trainer




* Writing direct mail letters for CEOs of non-profits * Writing articles for non-profit's magazine * Analysing research and transforming it into conversational writing to appeal to audiences * Conducting over-the-phone interviews to obtain stories for marketing appeals * * * Have worked with The Leprosy Mission, Prison Fellowship, Baptcare, Cabrini Hospital Melbourne and LightFM radio station plus for small businesses

Company: June's Fundraising Letter

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

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