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Freelance writer, blogger, and editor

About Me

As a child I didn’t know that everyone wasn’t as consumed as I was with thoughts of what Aladdin and Jasmine were up to when the movie was over, that their emotional investment ended with the closing credits. Movies and books became what I thought about all the time and this, mixed with my natural inclination to know everything there is to know about the things that interest me, led to my determination to do what I love the most, and am the best at, every day.

In college, I wanted to choose a more unique major than is traditional for writers so I decided to take advantage of Penn State's Letters, Arts, and Sciences degree. I was able to create my own interdisciplinary course study that was writing intensive, but also allowed me to integrate analysis of media and culture.

For over 7 years, I was a regular contributor and member of the editing team at pop culture website That’s Normal. In addition to my own work, which specializes in film, television, literature, and fan culture, I collaborated with other writers on the site, working every day to explain the latest news in the industry in a way that is both informative and entertaining. I am now a contributor at pop culture website Marvelous Geeks.

Going forward in my career I want to continue to expand on my strengths: I have a thorough knowledge of the industry and fandom culture and can express my enthusiasm in a clear and concise way that engages others who have a similar interest and passion.

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My Writing Samples

Scene Breakdown: The Meaning of “Enough” in Bridgerton’s “After the Rain”

"We love Bridgerton, and the romance genre as a whole, because it’s just that. Romantic... We’re each the main character of our own lives, but unfortunately not everyone gets to live out a main character storyline. Portia’s romance novel doesn’t exist, because a story with a heroine who ends up spending life tied to a man she doesn’t love or respect, and one who doesn’t love or respect her either, would be too depressing to read."


Addams Family Values Should Be Your Summer Vibe Inspiration

"Luckily, the Addamses are ever confident and comfortable with who they are, and even take Joel under their spooky little wings. They endure the attempted brainwashing about what it means to be normal, and Wednesday is able to fool the Grangers into thinking it worked by promising that she wants to be “perky” and flashing a big toothy grin. Any woman who’s been told that she’d look so much prettier if she smiled more will recognize the maniacal rage in Wednesday’s eyes as she does so."


Quietly Keeping it Together Elinor Dashwood Style

"The way she endures everything she goes through is the way that people like she and I always have, but it struck me that after the past year and a half, even people who may be more like Marianne in personality under normal circumstances might find themselves identifying with Elinor more than they may have previously, because she’s a perfect example of quietly making it through when there’s no other choice."


Scene Breakdown: A Little Bit of Alexis Helps a With Whole Lot of Anxiety in Schitt’s Creek

"One of the strongest facets of Schitt’s Creek is the Rose family’s ever present love for each other despite all their trials and tribulations during their time in the town. Even when they fight, it brings them closer together in the end, and there are no resentments or grudges that last long enough to bring the audience’s mood down. It’s aspirational stuff, and just one of the many reasons this show is still so beloved."


Lucifer’s Dan Espinoza and Finding Possibilities for Self-Improvement

"With less talented writers and without a delicate and always earnest performance from Kevin Alejandro, Dan could have easily become one of those characters. The ones who become so unlikeable that the audience becomes annoyed whenever they’re on screen, pulling time away from other characters’ stories. Instead, we got to root for him as he worked to become a better person, even when it would have been easier for him to stop trying, and simply give in to some of his darker impulses."


“The Green Knight” Found Its Perfect Leading Man in Dev Patel

"Writer and director David Lowery manages to make an incredibly old story applicable to the modern world, but if ambiguity isn’t your thing you’re out of luck, and will probably walk away from this movie feeling more frustrated than anything else. One thing that is not at all ambiguous however is the fact that Dev Patel is one hell of a leading man, and we’ll all be the poorer for it if that’s not something Hollywood takes full advantage of going forward."


It’s Our Time Again Twihards, Midnight Sun is Coming

"I plan to unreservedly bask in the wave of nostalgia that Midnight Sun has brought forth. There’ll undoubtedly be summer series re-read before the release date, a huge influx of new fanfic (be on the lookout for the next 50 Shades!) and dare we hope for a whole slew of Hot Topic merch that we’ll buy way too much of, use/wear/display obsessively for 6 months and then never touch again?! Enjoy every second of it, Twihards. We deserve this."


Shots of Dev Patel Wearing Victorian Clothing in “The Personal History of David Copperfield” Trailer

"I guarantee that there are people who started watching this trailer and were quickly confused as to why it’s not about that Vegas magician guy. But I guarantee you that he would not look nearly as good in a waistcoat, and that’s why this David Copperfield gets a movie and that David Copperfield does not."


My Spoiler-Free Reaction to “Avengers: Endgame” as Expressed by Gifs from “Schitt’s Creek”

"There are few occasions for which the Rose family and gang can not provide the perfect reaction gif."


Stuff I Need Men To Teach Me

"It was truly generous of Jason Bateman to dismiss Jessica Walter’s experience right to her face as she cried. Tears of both gratitude and bitter regret I’m sure. To think she’s lived such a long time misunderstanding her own reality without a man who wasn’t even born when she was nominated for her first acting award around to explain to her what Hollywood sets are like. She must have been so relieved."



Social Media Manager

Create copy and relevant assets (images, videos, etc) for and organically grow clients' social media accounts, research and blog on topics relevant to client goals, events, etc. Client industries range from film studios, non-profits, authors, tourism, small business, and education. Work with team to maintain client goals and assist with the day-to-day needs of Method.

Company: Method Agency

I worked there from 8/2018 until now


Pitch and write articles about television and film https://marvelousgeeksmedia.com/author/jamienwhitebread/

Company: Marvelous Geeks

I worked there from 5/2021 until now

Writer & Editor

Weekly contributor, writing weekly posts about pop culture, fandom, movies, TV, books, and more for entertainment website thats-normal.com. Member of the editorial team, working closely with co-founders to manage our team on a daily basis. https://thats-normal.com/author/jamiewhitebread/

Company: That's Normal

I worked there from 6/2013 until 11/2019

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