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Creative writer adept at creating articles that explore mental health, societal issues and engaging interviews with artists in the author and music space.

About Me

Emerald is a freelance writer who lives in sunny Florida and spends her days creating new worlds and exploring human interaction in hopes of uncovering a common ground. She credits her writing for giving her strength to continue fighting to live amidst the intense pain she suffers daily. Armed with her pen, Emerald is living proof that you can be happy in hard times if you just have a little imagination.

A former eight year lifestyle blogger, Emerald has written articles for top companies such as Walmart, Hanes, and Lane Bryant. 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Interview With Alex Dilworth

Interview with Alex Dilworth from the Bravo original The New Atlanta.


Interview With Naja Rickettes

Interview with LA Hair Star Naja Rickettes.


Party With Michelle Obama From Your Home

Detailing the best way to entertain yourself during quarantine.


How Being Fierce Yet Flexible Will Help You Stay Motivated Through Quarantine

How to maintain productivity during this difficult time.


Anyone Who Has A Problem With JUNETEENTH Needs To Know One Thing

Juneteenth, a new nationally recognized holiday for African Americans, is often met with apathy from white people and others who have a strong disconnect with our community and the real history of our ancestors. This article helps the reader grasp the true meaning of Juneteenth while simultaneously challenging the audience's viewpoint of this misunderstood celebration.


I Am The Ocean

A poem tackling the current racial climate in the world.




Company: Sweet Tart Beauty

I worked there from 1/2011 until 3/2018

Content I Write