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Blog and Copywriter

About Me

I graduated with a major in political science from the University of British Columbia where I also covered sporting events for the school paper. I've written for non-profits and small businesses in Vancouver, focusing on blog and social media posts. I've written copy about local businesses, blog posts about logistics and supply chain. I love adding a comedic touch to my work, and I'm a sucker for superheroes. 

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My Writing Samples

Overpriced stuff at the Bookstore found for cheaper

A listicle running down all of the ridiculous prices for basic items that the UBC Bookstore uses to scam students out of additional cash.


Client Success Story: Polar Feet

How a local business was able to take their sock sales worldwide.


Like Vintage Clothes? Mintage Mall Now Open!

A quick blog post promoting the opening of a local vintage clothing store.


Men's volleyball barely beaten by Manitoba Bisons

A summary of the volleyball game between the UBC Thunderbirds and Manitoba Bisons.


Women's soccer earns bye after 6-1 win

Rundown of the blowout win that earned the UBC women's soccer team a bye in the first round of playoffs.


Women's hockey splits back-to-back with Calgary Dinos

A quick catch up on the double-header set of games between the UBC women's hockey team and their Calgary rivals.


Men's volleyball loses a close matchup with TRU

A summary of the close loss by the UBC men's volleyball team.


Places to be: Meager musings on the movements of Maui

A youthful look at what it's like to vacation in one of the world's foremost tourist destinations.


Season Primer 2016/17: For UBC eSports, the third time’s the charm

A breakdown of the UBC League of Legends eSports team, the road to the playoffs and interviews with the players and coaches.


Soft ball, hard game: Jeters Never Prosper defeat Brewjays in Fall Softball Classic all-campus show

A comedic summary of the world-renowned recreational softball game at UBC.


Compliance: Prohibited vs Restricted

The difference between shipping prohibited items and shipping restricted items from Canada to the U.S. What the terms mean and how to ship each properly.


How To Get Your Shipments To Chit Chats

A helpful guide on how to most efficiently get your packages and parcels to a Chit Chats location.


Best Practices for Holiday Shipping

Avoiding rushes, meeting deadlines and making customers happy. This is a quick guide on how to accomplish all of that during the Christmas rush.


Weight Restrictions by Carrier

A helpful article about how big your packages can be when shipping with different carriers. Nobody wants to be charged extra unexpectedly!


When to use Carrier Packaging

A breakdown of appropriate packaging types when shipping your parcels with Chit Chats.


Compliance: How to Avoid Delays with Shipment Accuracy and Clear Labels

A quick guide on how to make sure the packages your shipping won't be held up. Specifically focused on descriptions and labeling methods.


Prepare for the Upcoming Busy Season

Holidays can be stressful, especially when you're trying to ship packages across the country or world. Here are some ways you can prepare for the holiday shipping rush.


Buns + Boba Grand Opening

Quick copy regarding the opening of a much-anticipated bubble tea shop in Vancouver.



Content Writer

Developed and carried out the social media strategy while posting regularly on the blog. Assisted with internal memos, SEO and Wordpress site upkeep.

Company: Chit Chats

I worked there from 9/2019 until 12/2019

Publicity Officer

Wrote social media posts and website content.

Company: Kite Vancouver

I worked there from 5/2018 until 5/2019

Social Media Intern

Wrote copy for small businesses in the area and social posts.

Company: Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area

I worked there from 6/2018 until 8/2018

Volunteer Journalist

Researched topics, attended sporting events, conducted interviews and wrote concise articles about them.

Company: The Ubyssey

I worked there from 9/2015 until 5/2018

Content I Write