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Legal Writer & Linguist

About Me

Legal Writer and Linguist

I am a former business lawyer and novelist, as well as a writer and translator in Italian law. I specialise in commercial and legal writing and trends. My talent is the combination of creativity and commerce.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

Science & Medicine


My Writing Samples

Breach of contract in Italian and English law: Non-performance (Inadempimento Contrattuale)

A comparison of breach of contract in Italian and English (UK) law.


Uber in the News: Employment Law Ramifications

The legal responsibilities of companies such as Uber with regard to their freelance workers and the gig economy.


Sharing and Taking Nude Photos: What is the Law?

The legal consequences of taking and sharing nude photographs in United States (US) legislation.



Lawyer-Linguist and Writer

I specialise in legal translation and writing, localisation and content marketing. With the requisite experience in both language, law and business, I work hard to help clients succeed in both the English and Italian business markets.

Company: TranslexItalian (self-employed)

I worked there from 5/2014 until 2/2020

Content I Write