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Writes Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

About Me

Hi there!

I’m a low-stress and quick worker who doesn’t cause drama. I’ve written about everything (so you can’t scare me.) I look forward to working with you!

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Real Estate



Health & Wellness


Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

OST Meets The Public In Montgomery County

This is a piece I wrote for the client about their networking event. I have written other pieces on their site, as well.


Five Reasons Why Zepeel Video Dating Is Right For You

A full description of what Zepeel does written through a client for this website. As you can see, it has personality and charm. Plus, it actually explains what the app does. I have done this work consistently for quite some time for the client, but they often publish in the third person so it is not directly on the client website and I do not have access to it.


Ionic’s 4.0 Release And More

I give a full description of the new Ionic release along with what the client can do for their customers. I am linking this new platform to what the client does without sounding like a wordy-know-it-all expert.


Custom Application Development: Do We Need It?

I explain how a custom app is built and why it is even necessary in the first place. A lot of companies think they can get by with a basic template, and I explain why you can go so much further than that.


How To Optimize Your Business With Voice Search

A full explanation (based on the client’s instructions) of what voice search can do to add to your website traffic. This was a big push for the client, and it involved multiple pieces of content.


Is Your Business Ready For Voice Search?

Just what it says. This is a break down of what can be done to your online content to get you ready for voice searches (which are the new wave because everyone has a home speaker nowadays.)


How Does Voice Search Improve Your Company’s Digital Marketing

This is an explanation of what voice search can do for you. This began a series the client wanted to post to explain why voice search should even be a consideration in the first place.


Software Development Companies In Philadelphia, USA

Client’s title...they wanted to point out why you need a local SEO and web design company and how they can help businesses in Philly, South Jersey, and Delaware.


Bathmate HydroMax and HydroXtreme Reviews

This is a full review (under an alias) of both products. He prefers to use the pseudonym to make it easier on everyone.




Writing open orders, team orders, and direct orders using varying keywords and client templates. I have been asked to write literally everything in all tenses. I have used templates, and I have been asked to freehand my work. I have learned basic HTML tagging and coding for articles link links, bullet lists, and bolding or italicizing content. I have been on this site so long that I have seen the layout change, and I have completed over 34,000 approved articles for the company.

Company: Textbroker

I worked there from / until now


Write digital marketing content for web design and mobile app customers based on pre-determined keywords and seasonal needs. I average about 30 articles a month for the company, and I write about whatever their clients do. I even call the clients to ask basic questions about the business to learn what they do. For example, did you know some companies make mini submarines that go 6000 meters below the surface that you can just...buy?

Company: OpenSource Technologies

I worked there from 2/2020 until now

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