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International Freelance Writer

About Me

Erin McQuilkin is a creative content writer who loves research, travel, and wellness. She has voyaged over thirty countries solo and spent the last two years writing and journeying through Asia, Europe and North Africa. 

-Blog posts
-Web content
-Technical writing
-Google Docs

-Travel publications
-Lifestyle and fashion brands
-Technology publications
-Wellness blogs
-Entrepreneurs in linguistics and dental sectors

Favourite beats:
Travel, wellness, food and beverage, and culture

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Here’s Why Denmark Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List In 2020

Denmark might not be on your radar for your next trip, but it absolutely should be. This Scandinavian treasure is an uber-modern, progressive nation risen from Viking roots. Its borders contain an alluring mix of the ancient and modern with archaic burial sites, iconic danish architecture and fairytale castles. This kingdom is known around the world for its modernist designs, Michelin dining and very happy citizens. Whether you spend your trip luxing around Copenhagen or venture out into some


Explore One of the World’s Most Enigmatic Landscapes in 2020: Discover Timeless Russia

Russia. The name remains as captivating as ever. A land at the edge of the known world. Within its enormous borders lie historic cities with exquisite architecture, pastoral villages and untouched wilderness. The warmth of the comradely people combined with world-class shopping and an occasional vodka fueled wild night guarantee an incomparable trip. We check out what there is to see and do in the Motherland.


Here’s Why Millennials Aren’t Buying Homes

The classic dream of first time home purchase is marooned in a vastly changing landscape. Our world has experienced a dramatic transformation since the mid-century when home purchase was a rite of passage. As generations flowed past the epochs of the Baby Boomers and Generation X, we’ve entered the phase of the millennials.


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