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Professional Content Writer

About Me

I'm a reverent, creative, detail-driven, and highly experienced writer who has featured in numerous platforms as a top content writer. I possess an innate ability to identify and pursue compelling copies and web content. Besides, I have an unwavering adherence to all deadlines and individual publication requirements. 

My writing skills are broad and diverse across various fields due to my impeccable research abilities and efforts to meet all requirements. My extensive experience and knowledge spreads out through various niches.

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Health & Wellness

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Real Estate

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My Writing Samples

Quick Tips to Get a Higher Sale Price for Your Home

Task goals: The client wanted people to read and share on how to get a higher sale price. Target Audience: Home owners considering selling or want to increase property value


Pros and Cons of In-House vs. Outsourced Call Centers

Task Goals: •Discuss the key differences in in-house vs outsourced call centers. •Provide an overview of some of the pros and cons of both. •Provide some examples of where in-house call centers might benefit certain businesses as opposed to outsourced call centers. Target Audience: Call center managers and business owners.


7 Tips For Generating More Leads For Your Plumbing Business

Task Goals: Inform plumbers on marketing campaigns to generate more leads with the aim of increasing profitability.



Freelance Writer

Since September 2019, i have been working with Scripted.com as a freelance writer. Since then, I have handled over 70 tasks with a 98% acceptance rate. Of the various niches I handled, the most common include guns, digital marketing, call center, management, and pet care.

Company: Scripted.com

I worked there from 9/2019 until now

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