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B2B Technology Marketing Copywriter

About Me

Since 2005, my vision has been to capture the magic of technology in writing. My mission is to help you bridge the gaps in your sales process with results driven copy. So, if you’re goal-directed and want a good marketing ROI then there’s a good chance I’m the right copywriter for you. 

My passion for results is driven by my background in B2B software sales working for 3 different enterprise software firms. This first-hand sales experience of working with marketing materials I was provided that were of little use, gives me a passion for creating content that works.

My earlier work experience in software sales, as an I.T. Recruiter and studying I.T. in college helps me understand the challenges my clients face. I’ve worked with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, to small businesses and technology startups. I also help clients think through their strategy, and I’ve written several resources to help you.

"We Are Hard to Please and Derek was a 10/10!"

- Dan Weinberger, CEO, Morpheus.Network
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Check out my news site for "enterprise" blockchain technology: BlockchainTrailblazers.com

I help B2B marketing professionals celebrate their successes and share their point of view at The Marketing Results Club.

Industries I Write About


My Writing Samples

Infographic (The Hierarchy of Results)

Not all copywriting gets results. But if you're like most clients I've worked with, that's what you want. Let's face it. Getting results with copywriting is challenging. That's why a process is needed to create it. My "Hierarchy of Results" is how I help you get the results you want. And it's why I'm known as "The Results Driven Copywriter."


Case Study

The goal of this Case Study was to showcase the cloud ERP capabilities of my client's manufacturing ERP software for this outsourced manufacturer in the medical device industry. NOTE: I wrote most of this client's case studies during a marketing makeover initiative. A year later their Fortune 500 firm was purchased by a Fortune 100 firm.


Feature News Article

The primary goal for this brand journalism project was to showcase my client's work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. They wanted to establish their credibility as an enterprise blockchain solution and attract investors. RESULTS: Within one week this article generated 1100 unique visitors to Blockchaintrailblazers.com and was posted on other sites.


Article/Blog Post

This article was part of a year-long series I wrote for this client. The goal was to promote the features and benefits of a third-party enterprise software system they implemented - Salesforce Community Cloud. NOTE: I designed this blog image and provided the client with a blog image strategy that aligns with their brand.



The goal of this Infographic was to position this Cybersecurity firm as the innovation and cost leader. NOTE: Remediant is a 2019 Gartner Cool New Vendor


Magazine Article

This article first appeared in the Jan. 2020 issue of Corporate Investment Times, page 39 (see link on article). The goal of this self-promotional piece was to introduce my ghostwriting services to enterprise Blockchain CEOs and VC firms. NOTE: I've interviewed over 100 blockchain CEOs.



The goal of this Ghostwritten article was to create top of mind awareness for this client's inspection and product certification services. Another goal was to raise awareness of the new European Radio Equipment Directive (RED). Certification for this new regulation is a requirement for European manufacturers producing wireless equipment for self-driving automobiles. NOTE: This global firm has 30,000 employees and has been in business for 150 years.



The goal of this guide was to introduce Data Science development as part of my client's software engineering services. NOTE: I provided this client with the layout for the web page this guide appears on. I also provided image suggestions which they had their illustrator create.



My goal in writing this self-promotional book was to provide marketing advice for my small business clients. It includes a blend of marketing and copywriting tips. My inspiration for writing it came from the challenges faced by my typical B2B software client. NOTE: This book has helped me acquire numerous small business clients.



This eBook is a self-promotional piece. It explains why good companies and their marketing suffer needlessly from ineffective copy and content. Then I tell you how to you eliminate the gaps in your sales process and increase your sales with my 4-step formula for results driven copy. NOTE: This eBook has helped me acquire numerous pre-qualified leads.


Feature Article

The article is part of my ongoing series about Enterprise Blockchain technology on my news site - BlockchainTrailblazers.com. The goal was to introduce readers to this unique application of blockchain for helping the homeless. NOTE: Helen Knight was an ITAC 2019 CanadianCIO of the Year finalist and voted Canadian Transformation Leader of 2019.


Podcast Interview

This podcast is part of my ongoing series of interviews with B2B marketers on my podcasting site - MarketingResults.club. The guest is Paul Smith, a leading expert on business storytelling. In this interview he shares his thoughts on his latest book, The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell. NOTE: Paul Smith is one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers of 2018.



CEO, B2B Copywriter

My experience as a B2B Technology Copywriter, Ghostwriter, and Brand Journalist includes writing results driven copy and content for Thought Leadership Articles, Case Studies (aka. Success Stories), eBooks, Newsletters, Email and more. Topics I’ve written about include Cybersecurity, Enterprise Blockchain, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Cloud solutions, Salesforce, Facial Recognition Technology, Data Science, Telecommunications and Wireless Technology for Autonomous Driving, and more

Company: Trailblazer Writing

I worked there from 1/2007 until now

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