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Freelance Health and Wellness, Green Living Writer and Copywriter

About Me

I help Eco-Conscious, Green Living, and Renewable business owners attract, engage and sell to their ideal clients.  With clear direct response call-to-action. 

Whatever your content or marketing needs use your conversational voice. This friendly copy engages website and social media visitors.  

Content infused with your own voice, personality and style brings value. This attracts your ideal audience. And you get quick wins as well as long-term relationships. 

I provide services for ... 

Your ideal customer is waiting for your help to solve their problem. Whether it is to scale their business. Promote their brand. Or, help them live a more sustainable lifestyle, you can help them while leaving the writing to me.

Vanessa Lewis lives in Clinton CT. Locals know her as the Shoreline Copywriter. Her journey began in a stately 10,000 square foot bed and breakfast that took a lot of $$$ to heat! Researching and writing about renewable resources grew into a passion to help others. And she and her husband Kevin and dog-like cat Ted moved into a cozy and much loved 600 square foot home, a short walk from the sea.

How does she renew her energy when not writing of her love of eco-friendly renewables? Or eating an organic plant-based cuisine? She and Kevin and Ted renew their energy hiking in the woods, or taking part in beach cleanups.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Celebrating World Oceans Day: 7 Things We Can Do To Reduce Plastic

After watching the documentary Plastic Oceans, I was intrigued to write an article about the threat that plastic pollution is posing to our sea life, oceans, and humans. was It became my top shared blog post that year!


3 Ways a Story Can Motivate Your Customers (Even if it is only six words)


4 Strategies to Get Your Website Visitors to Know, Like and Trust You



Owner, Marketing Copywriter

Freelance articles, blog posts, event promotions, website copy, sales, landing pages, press releases, content for email autoresponders

Company: Vanessa S. Lewis, Marketing Copywriter

I worked there from 7/2015 until now


Housecleaning for busy families and executives Green cleaning methods and organizing services, downsized, minimalism

Company: Best Cleaning & Organizing

I worked there from 4/2001 until now

Freelance news reporter

Pitched ideas, accepted stories, conducted interviews, wrote, edited and submitted articles on deadline.

Company: Bristol Observer

I worked there from 3/2013 until 9/2015


Helping small and medium-sized businesses to keep in close contact with their prospects and customers to generate leads and sales. Participate in organic community gardens, beach cleanups and other eco-conscious efforts and report about them. Email marketing, social media marketing primarily, but also blogs, website copy, sales and landing pages

Company: Shoreline Copywriter

I worked there from 7/2020 until /

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