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About Me

I am an aspiring author and an avid article writer. I have written articles mostly based upon my experiences with painting, carpentry and retail but have also expanded to areas which I know nothing about such as medicine (genetic therapy, CBD) and the automotive industry (2018 Toyota Camry product overview). There are not many subjects I can't write about with a little bit of research.

I am an avid fan of sci-fi, horror and fantasy and like to write short stories and novels based on those subjects. I am simply in the waiting process to get one of my stories published.

I hold a BFA in Film, with a focus on 3D modeling & screenwriting.

Industries I Write About


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Volunteer Carpenter/Laborer

A volunteer organization dedicated to the arts. Here I learned a lot of my carpentry related skills which range from building a tiny house, to fixing stairways, making cabinets and shelf installation.

Company: Spark Makerspace

I worked there from 2/2017 until now

Tech Sales Associate

Due to my experience working with technology, I have recently gotten a job at Staples. I have extensive knowledge of technology due to my film degree and from my father, who has a PHD in electrical engineering.

Company: Staples

I worked there from 2/2020 until now

Sales Associate

Basically setting up food demonstrations for customers to try. I have never worked in the food prep industry before and wanted to try it just to see how it goes. So far it has been interesting.

Company: Costco

I worked there from 2/2020 until now


Here I have painted over 40+ buildings with a team of 4. Painting jobs included both residential and commercial properties and have extensive knowledge on the subject.

Company: B&D Painting

I worked there from 6/2016 until now

Freelance Laborer

I perform various odd and end jobs for family and friends which includes painting, power washing, light carpentry projects, mowing, lawn care, landscaping and gardening. I have attempted to break into the construction business as a firehose safety inspector and home remodeling sites, but have had difficulties with my co-workers.

Company: Self

I worked there from / until now

Jewlery Engraver

Engraved jewelry pieces using a CNC router via Photoshop Illustrator. This was a temp job.

Company: Eve's Addiction

I worked there from 4/2019 until 5/2019

Shared Labor Rep III

Jobs included entertainment security, retail, marketing, banking, cashiering and customer service. I have received extensive experience working here, as the casino has almost 10,000 patrons on any given day and almost 30,000 on a busy weekend. I also received over 18 customer service and performance awards. Every other retailer's "busy" days is equal to one of my "slow days" here. As a security officer, I escorted more celebrities than there are bones in the human body.

Company: Mohegan Sun Resort Casino

I worked there from 8/2011 until 2/2016

Content I Write