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About Me

I am a well-rounded individual with a passion for the English language and writing. This journey began last year, when I established the idea of setting up my own business in professional writing. Having previously been employed as a manager in a large technology franchise, I witnessed many CVs that were discarded on first glance. This was when I decided I wanted to make a difference and help others to attain the career they'd always dreamed of. 

When Elevate initially started, it's sole purpose was a service entirely focused on the writing of candidate's CVs and cover letters. Whilst this remains the largest part of the business, we also work alongside small and large companies alike - assisting with B2B documents, developing proposals and writing letters of concern. We are at the stage where the business is beginning to move to a general professional writing business and are very excited at the prospect of this. 

If you have a document you wish to be written, or simply wish to discuss this potential to do so, please don't hesitate to make contact! 

Steve Biggs - Company Director

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CV Introduction

Boasting a favourable academic background, coupled with experience not only in management but also in working on both ends of the globe, I am a well-rounded individual with a mindset and motivation that isn’t otherwise matched. With a broad experience in fluctuating role settings and career hierarchy, I demonstrate a diverse and unparalleled understanding of how to adapt to a role and maximise output productivity.



Sales Manager

The most senior merchandiser and sales person in the entire company. Travelled the country sourcing and attaining business oppurtunities.

Company: TUFF Phones

I worked there from 11/2019 until 4/2020

Senior Sales Consultant

Managerial Experience in a large technology franchise.

Company: Egnaro

I worked there from 6/2017 until 7/2019

Account Manager

Marketing expert, assisting business in the carrying out of their marketing strategy.

Company: Eljays44

I worked there from 7/2019 until 11/2019

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