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Moses Wilson


About Me

I have over 10 years of marketing experience promoting various different brands in the B2C and B2B sector from ski resorts and golf courses to environmental health and safety consulting services. I was the project manager for the consolidation of six websites into one on the Expression Engine platform, launched a full-color quarterly publication in June 2015 to distribute in my community that is still alive today, and managed a $500k marketing budget for several years. I built my own website kaylaanderson.org and currently have most of my writing and marketing samples posted there. Examples include published articles for regional magazines and newspapers such as the Sparks Tribune, The Tahoe Weekly, Tahoe Bonanza/Sierra Sun, and Enjoy magazine. I also still do some marketing, public relations, and development/execution of marketing strategies. In January 2018, I became certified as a HubSpot Content Marketing and Email Marketing Specialist. I love marketing, writing, reading, traveling, and being outdoors. 

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8 Types of Marketing Strategies and Definition

Marketing strategy is used by different companies to collaborate with their consumers. It is also employed to aware the customers about the features, specifications and benefits of company’s products. It is basically focused on encouraging target population to buy those specific products and services. The marketing strategies might be totally innovative or they can be previously tried or tested strategies. Effective marketing strategies help to get ahead in the competition.


The 11 Best Marketing Strategies We Tried This Year

I’ve tried hard to implement a bold and experimental culture when it comes to marketing at Mailshake. I don’t see failure as a bad thing; it’s fear of venturing into the unknown that I want to discourage. Basically, my philosophy is this: Try it. If it doesn’t work, change your approach or do something different. Fail fast. We tried a lot of different marketing tactics in 2018. Most failed, a few worked well, and a few more were home runs.



Marketing Specialist

I worked closely with the Company's management as the marketing writer.

Company: Digital Normand

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