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About Me

I love to write about topics that are meaningful. Delivering high quality, consumable copy and content is the name of my game. No matter the format whether it be billboards, web copy or promotional materials the fundamentals of excellent copy should do one thing and one thing only: alleviate hesitation before encouraging action. 

My writing business is named Lobo Copy. I've always been fascinated by wolves. In particular, the way the pack moves as one with a clear leader. I believe that this is the ultimate approach to content marketing. 

The collaboration followed by clearly executed action, leadership, and a goal is the only way that we can move forward to promote brand awareness and a market position that we are both happy with.

I truly believe that blogging positions your business as an industry leader. By offering a free value add in the form of written communications you’re more approachable to the customers and sharable across a variety of platforms keeping you are the search engines happy. I love to write these kinds of blogs and have forged incredible and enjoyable relationships with all my clients thus far. 

I write across a number of industries but am especially skilled in the education, ed-tech, TEFL, language, and events fields. In my free time, I surf, meditate, and am constantly thinking about how I can improve my writing. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions!

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My Writing Samples

10 Amazing Quotes in Spanish for Literature Lovers and Language Learners

This piece utilises famous Spanish quotes from across the Spanish speaking world to assist learners with complex grammatical structures and vocabulary.


12 English Teaching Resources to Tune Up Your Classroom in 2020

In this piece I provided a list of new and unknown resources for the North American English teacher for the year 2020. I believe that all posts should be meaningful and provide use for the reader.


VR, TPRS and Beyond: 6 English Language Teaching Trends for 2020 You Don’t Want to Miss

In this blog I provided an overview of the growing trends in the ed-tech and educational world for the North-American English teacher.


Teaching English as a Second Language: 4 Steps to Start Your Journey

I provided insight into how one might begin their English teaching journey as well as my 'insider' tips to ensure a favourable and mutually beneficial outcome.


Celebrate your Birthday Sydney Style

A piece of content marketing showcasing the specific venues around Sydney and their features for a birthday event.


Your Ultimate Parma Guide to 2019

A fun and light piece of content marketing that I wrote listing the ultimate locations to indulge in a 'parma' (Australian chicken dish). The piece required me to use specific 'Melbourne' slang as well as humour.


Where to Celebrate your Birthday in Brisbane

An energetic piece showcasing some of the finest establishments of the Australian Venue Company in the city of Brisbane.


Guide to a Perfect Perth Engagement Party

Content marketing focusing on AVC venues located in Perth and their key features.


How to Write Effective Product Descriptions

Simple, easily actionable and universal tips for writing the ultimate product descriptions for your product.


How to Nail a Brand's Tone of Voice

What exactly is the tone of voice? What does it mean for my business and how can I nail it time after time?


Book Excerpt: My First Day of Meditation

An excerpt from my upcoming book examining my experiences with meditation and my first visit to my local Buddhist temple.


Gratitude and Writing

A short piece examining the intersection of gratitude and writing in my life.



Copywriter and Content Specialist

As the chief copywriter and founder of Lobo Copy I am responsible for a range of tasks involved with the management and administration of a copywriting and content production business. My first and key duty is to write striking and relevant copy, content and writing based projects for a variety of clients. I have worked with young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry and am currently writing for a number of different industries including educational, ed-tech and self-help. My specialty involve

Company: Lobo Copy

I worked there from 1/2019 until now


OELS English is the leading School for English language acquisition in the region of Galicia, Spain. In this role I worked with a classroom of ten students delivering high quality, dynamic and engaging English classes. The job involved class preparation as well as maintaining a high standard of excellence in delivering exam-orientated English instruction whilst creating a positive and engaging classroom environment. In this position I was required to be incredibly outgoing and confident.

Company: OELS English

I worked there from 8/2018 until 4/2020


As an intern at the Supreme Court of Victoria I assisted with all components of court duties expected of an assistant. I read precedent, liaised with judges and moved throughout courtrooms gaining invaluable experience in a high pace and educational environment.

Company: Supreme Court of Victoria

I worked there from 1/2017 until /

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