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About Me

Straight to the truth, I am a weirdo and a listener. I have been into the writing industry since I was eight and have pretty done a whole lot with writing. I got to publish my first book, Diary 101, and the kindle format is still up on Amazon.
I am a guy who seeks to be loved and likes loving others. Apart from being a loyal and hardworking writer, I am a dear friend.

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My Writing Samples

Your Right to Truth: Where Forensics Applies!

The article simply describes and analyzes the connection between forensics (its science and methodology) and the International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Human Rights Violations observed on March 24 of every year.



This was a sales page I wrote for a class I currently run on writing to self-publishing. It was created on my mini blog and got over 90 viewers within the first week of upload. Currently, five students are enrolled under the program and more are yet to be confirmed. This was the first ever sales page I wrote and I'm happy I'll be writing more to come.


WEDA 21 - Breaking News

In this blog post, I described an event that took place at my local college.




I work for this growing online community as an article writer. I am currently working on a fiction book sponsored by this community with the aim of analyzing how forensic science could be exploited in countries like mine who have just adopted such practice in crime investigations. You can check them out at https://medium.com/@forforensics

Company: Community for Forensic Awareness

I worked there from / until now

Apprentice Photographer

Worked for about two months as an apprentice under Shedrach Okhuleigbe learning the basics of photography.

Company: God's Favour Digital

I worked there from 8/2016 until 10/2016


I work for HOHACO as an editor majorly. I sometimes write quotes and articles for this budding organization too. HOHACO is a social enterprise aimed increasing hope in the hopeless and bringing the best out of all whom she comes across with.

Company: HOHACO (Home of Hope and Change Organization))

I worked there from / until /


This is just a personal blog I run. It's still being hosted as a free website on WordPress and the web address is is www.oluwaferanmidenu.wordpress.com I upload most of my work on poetry here and I am currently on a 366 days poetry challenge.

Company: Bon

I worked there from / until /

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