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About Me

Hi I am a school principal for two  (2) schools. Special Education for children with Learning Disabilities and Reading Disorders. The second school is for Music and Chess. Rep. for Asso. Boards of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College of Music both in London. Also FIDE certified Development Instructor -Chess. Adult Literacy Tutor and Dyslexic Asso. Trained

Member of the National Library Adult Book Club where we read and critic Authors in person or via Skype.

Started teaching in 1988 as a result writing Literacy Assessment Reports both for Learning Style and Reading Age is part of my portfolio as the principal.

Through both schools in 2015 I wrote a Homeschooling Proposal to cater for the changes needed in our education system for parents.

Previous proposals were accepted by the Ministry of Education e.g. I presented the position paper for Music in schools as a compulsory subject along with our National Instrument the Steelpan. This was accepted in 1995.

Classical Education is what is needed for morally well rounded children to become adults to add value to a country.

This does not happen over night hence my reason to answer the call to educate adults and children. Apart from teaching at both schools I also volunteer to teach Chess at the local library both to adults and children. Teach Music theory / practical to both groups as well.

Reason being I use it as a tool to reach children / adults. There are life lessons that can be learned e.g. Practice makes perminant ( not perfect because if you are practicing the wrong thing then that would be perminant).

Chess players learn to analyse which is also helpful to teach children how to plan ahead and to think of alternative moves based on their oponent's play. Children who play Music and or Chess have been known to excel at school while it helps older people to combat Alzheimer's

Realy and truely 'the arts' is excellent exposure for children at an early age since they are like a 'sponge' in their formative years.

There is also the psychology of education involving all these attendant fields of study that helps the child to explore what they want to do or profession in life.

Did you know that sixty (60%) persent of the working population worldwide do not like what they do? They only do it for the income but are frustrated. Data shows that people would accept a cut in their income if they get to do what they love. That is self gratification - no stress.

I did English B - Literature at school among other subjects i.e. Commerce, English A, Mathematics, Languages etc. Literature gave me the love for the classics like Shakespeare plays, books by Thomas Hardy, Anne Frank and Sir. V. Naipaul.

Later on I did a Banking Course i.e. Elements of Banking, Accounts, Economics and English Law.

I must admit however that my pet sud

jects to write on would be classical education, special education, the arts, sociology and literature.

My school's website's address www.plcforschooling.org

Please feel free to visit the site.

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Psycology of Marriage

It occured to me this morning that misunderstanding between couples occur when one party thought of saying something but did not. Then thinking they did act accordingly causing a misunderstanding. I note with the Covid-19 lockdown reports indicate an increase in domestic violence. I offered a solution to such a couple that they should get a book and write down decisions made especially if they also work together and both parties sign it. If a dispute arise later simply refer to notes taken.



Principal / Music Teacher / Chess Tutor

Administrator / Teacher for both schools. Teaching Theory classes from Beginner to Grade 8 . Teaching practical classes same. Do Literacy Assesments / Reports for parents / schools. In that Individual Education Plans or I.E.P.s can be done for each child in conjunction with the school Social Worker or Speach Therapist and parent etc. The assesment reports shows how the child learns. The Learning Style or Reading Age is used to see what age the child is reading at versus their chronological age.

Company: Paideuo Learning Center

I worked there from 3/1988 until /