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Business Writer & Content Creator

About Me

I'm a Business Writer & Content Specialist based in central Connecticut.

 I'm glad I remembered my English teachers' lectures on pronoun/antecedent agreement, misplaced modifiers and dangling participles because after earning a B.A. degree from Temple University, I later became a seasoned content-shaper in internal communication, public relations, media relations, business and industry, and public policy. 

Before going solo as a freelance writer, I was an editor and, later, a senior editor of national business publications for two major publishers — Simon & Schuster and Aspen Publishers. 

My goal is to give my customers exceptional writing services, because they deserve no less.

When I'm not writing, I'm painting horses and landscapes, following political news, visiting museums and galleries, attending career-oriented seminars and hunting for the next great book to read.  

You can find out more about me on my website: www.contentcreation2020.com.

You also may want to check out my LinkedIn profile at: Valerie Bolden-Barrett | LinkedIn 

Industries I Write About


Health & Wellness

Law & Politics


My Writing Samples

Sustainability benefits: A people, planet and profit business strategy

How companies are staying profitable and competitive while being good corporate citizens


Is Unstable Shift Scheduling Hurting Your Sales?

How employers can prevent shift-scheduling problems from hurting their businesses


The keys to providing transgender healthcare benefits

Providing healthcare benefits for transgender workers


The keys to running an ethical organization

Creating an organization of the highest moral code and integrity in an era of corporate misconduct


How to Conduct a Brand Audit

How small businesses can audit their brand to analyze its effectiveness


What Does a Clothing Buyer Do?

This article is one in a series of job descriptions for job seekers and people in the process of making the right career choice.


To cut healthcare costs, more employers are offering second opinion services

As companies look to increase their healthcare benefits to attract talent while lowering costs, more are choosing second-opinion services to the mix.


5 essential drivers of effective business communication

Five critical, straight-forward steps for businesses to communicate effectively.


Holiday Gift Certificate Letter

I ghost-wrote this letter for a former financial advisor as a thank-you to her clients. The business names and phone numbers shown are fictitious.



Business Writer & Content Creator (Contractor)

• Manages a diversified freelance writing and editorial service. • Versatile, published professional with 10 years’ experience drafting print and web content. • Editor, blogger, copywriter, scriptwriter, commentator, ghostwriter and copyeditor. • Writes case studies; white papers; articles newsletters; press releases; and marketing copy for brochures, sales letters, scripts and presentations. • Specializes in simplifying complex information, conducting in-depth research for content and tailorin

Company: ContentCreation2020, Owner

I worked there from 12/2015 until now

Contract Writer

• Writes articles on best practices for small businesses. • Covers such topics as employment laws, business ethics, self-employment, COVID-19’s impact on businesses, remote work strategies, pay transparency and employee classification. • Interviews industry experts as sources for articles.

Company: Zenefits

I worked there from 5/2003 until 1/2023

Freelance Writer & Contributing Editor

• Wrote feature and short-form articles for B2B markets. • Reported on best business practices, workplace issues and trends, employment law, economic news, technological tools and innovation, and HR functions.

Company: Industry Dive

I worked there from 10/2016 until 2/2020

Senior Editor

• Senior editor and lead writer of national business publications. • Created revenue-generating marketing materials, including sales letters and web copy. • Recruited, hired and managed freelance writers. • Developed an editorial guide for contributing authors. • Selected to participate in an international Journalists' Round Table. • Maintained a successful track record for reviving failing publications. • Conducted market research to develop new-product ideas.

Company: Aspen Publishers

I worked there from 12/1999 until 5/2003


• Editor of national publications on best business practices. • Grew publications’ circulation with new editorial features such as quick-read news briefs, interactive Q & A columns, articles by industry experts, ground-breaking Supreme Court cases and coverage of innovative business trends. • Wrote and edited a cutting-edge, breaking-news blog for subscribers. • Recruited, hired and managed freelance writers.

Company: Simon & Schuster

I worked there from 12/1996 until 12/1999

Content I Write