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About Me

I'm Slater Katz - aka early bird, professional nerd, grammar lover, connoisseur of the hardcover, proficient puzzler, and coffee guzzler. To know me is to have watched every episode of The Office and have an enthusiastic penchant for aimless wanderings. A former marketing professional, I now spend my days coming up with crystal clear verbiage and witty one-liners.

Industries I Write About




Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

Email Work

Email is my favorite channel to write for. The challenge it presents between space and brand excites my creative juices. Follow the link to see some select samples of emails I've written for various clients.


UX Writing Work

UX Writer is just one name I go by. I also consider myself a Content Strategist and Content Designer. My UX writing work has touched companies like Netflix and Fitbit. Follow the link to see a few samples showcasing what I can do.


Social Media Work

I have a breadth of experience writing ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Google, and more. Follow the link to see some samples of my work in the digital advertising space.


Blog Work

Blog writing is a delicate dance between keeping the reader's attention and providing interesting, engaging information. I approach blog writing with thorough research and brand voice application to achieve just that. Follow the link to see some select samples of my blog writing work.


Web Work

Web writing is all about striking the right balance between enticing potential customers and delighting search engines. Through strategic tones and SEO-optimization strategies, I achieve that balance for my clients. Follow the link to see some examples of just that.



Content Designer (contract)

Writing for Netflix global payments

Company: Netflix

I worked there from 2/2020 until now

UX Writer (contract)

Lead UX writer for Fitbit's Premium membership (think in-app programs, challenges, etc.)

Company: Fitbit

I worked there from 11/2019 until 1/2020

Copywriter (contract)

Led copy, content strategy, and brand voice direction writing for the product and digital marketing channels

Company: Twine

I worked there from 6/2019 until 10/2019


Built new brands and brand voices, developed copy for pet products across 11 brands

Company: PetSmart

I worked there from 10/2018 until 5/2019

Growth Manager & Copywriter

Improved the onboarding experience across multiple platforms through a continuous copy testing framework

Company: Dropbox

I worked there from 6/2017 until 10/2018

Marketing Coordinator & Copywriter

Wrote CRM copy for segmented audiences and creative ad copy for brands advertising on Tinder

Company: Tinder

I worked there from 6/2015 until 6/2017

Content I Write