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Celia Chalfoun


10+ years of experience in publishing, with expertise in travel, science fiction & fantasy, and all things tea

About Me

I am an accomplished writer and editor living in New Jersey, with 10+ years of experience writing about travel, editing, and tea. Because you should be more than a click in a sea of clicks, I make it my mission to create content that will be remembered and returned to. 

My goal for your articles? To have people share them on the most popular subreddits to drive traffic to your website!

* What have you been up to in the last five years? *

A lot! I have lived and traveled across France, Canada, India, and the U.S. I have worked, and continue to work, for clients such as Hachette, TC Média, EveryMundo, Princeton University, and Reedsy. And I have written short stories that have been published in highly-respected magazines; one of those stories was even nominated for the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire, France’s biggest speculative fiction award!

* What are your strengths? *

You know as well as I do that millennials are getting tired of seeing the same posts over and over on social media. They are starving for unique content, one that shows a distinct personality. In other words, they want to connect to the person behind the screen. I write friendly, high quality content that resonates with them and leaves an impression.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Writing With Anxiety Series: Let’s Begin!

I am an author and an editor, and throughout my ten-year career, I have amassed some experience on dealing with writing anxiety, mine and others’. Often, just talking about it can help. So, let’s do that. Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about coping with anxiety, and coping with writing anxiety, as those two tend to overlap.


Sightseeing in Princeton, New Jersey

Nested between Washington and New York, the town of Princeton, New Jersey, is often dismissed by travelers in favor of more famous East Coast destinations. In fact, Princeton is a great stopover between Washington and New York and has a lot of offer, from historical tours to fine dining and outdoors experiences. Without any hesitation, Princeton University is the best thing to see in Princeton, New Jersey. The campus is overflowing with historical sights, from its oldest building, Nassau Hall..


Staff writing contest winners illuminate the overlooked and underappreciated

The 2016-17 Princeton Writes essay contest invited University staff to share their thoughts on something they believe is overlooked or underappreciated at Princeton. Out of 40 submissions across 32 academic and administrative units, an essay by Tom Dunne, deputy dean of undergraduate students, took the Princeton Writes Prize. Matt Eaton, Jon Horowitz and Gwen McNamara received honorable mentions. They were feted at a ceremony honoring the writers at Maclean House on June 16.




I offer Editorial Assessment and Developmental Editing services for science fiction and fantasy manuscripts. I have a perfect score, with over 15 reviews!

Company: Reedsy

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

Fiction writer

* Nominated for the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2018 for the short story La Route des orsadoles * 5 short stories published in Canada and in France * Annual participation to Élisabeth Vonarburg’s writing workshop (by invitation only) since 2015 * Lead a workshop on science fiction and fantasy writing at Princeton University

Company: Self

I worked there from /2013 until now

SEO and travel content creator

Unfortunately, the work I did is covered by an NDA, so I am not able to write more about it.

Company: EveryMundo

I worked there from 4/2018 until 12/2018

Travel writer

I write innovative content for two imprints, the Guides Bleus and Un Grand Week-End, and more than 15 titles.

Company: Hachette

I worked there from 10/2010 until now

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