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Freelance writer, content creator, and digital marketing specialist

About Me

I'm a gastronome, food activist, and freelance writer. Food is the lens through which I see the world and tell its stories, though I've written for many industries besides food & beverage. I have been writing for over 8 years, and working in digital marketing for over 6.

Along my whimsical and winding career path, I have worked in restaurant kitchens, international nonprofits, boutique PR firms, and food tech companies. I even performed as a trick rider in rodeos across the country. Currently, I create marketing content and conduct in-depth research for brands and businesses, large and small, working closely with marketing teams to help these companies discover and leverage their unique voice.

In my free time, I write about my forays into cuisine and culture. I forage for wild foods, garden, and cycle through the vine-covered hills of Sonoma County.

I'm always eager to learn and love to tell people's stories so please feel free to message with questions or proposals.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness




Law & Politics


My Writing Samples

Around the World in Eight Sauces

A good sauce — whether it comes together in minutes, hours, or even days — can make a dish pop, transforming pantry staples into a tasty feast, or leftovers into an easy-fancy meal. But unless you’re a professional chef, who has the time to make enchilada sauce after work or whip up an aioli between school and soccer practice? Here are some go-to sauces from around the world (plus a few more favorites) along with ideas for using them up so not a drop goes to waste.


Why Kids Should Play With Their Food

All of us have those foods that we detested when we were little. Yet many parents won’t accept the fact that kids are picky eaters, plain and simple. They expect their kids to eat adult foods, which they learn to hate. Or, they’ll cook a whole separate meal which doubles the time spent in the kitchen. Instead, why not meet your kids in the middle? Encourage them to play with their food, learn about it, and (hopefully) learn to love it! Here’s how...


Zang Tumb Tumb and a bottle of rum: Polibibite and the Italian Futurists

This piece was published in FOOL - an international food magazine based in Malmo, Sweden - to celebrate renowned spirits company Cocchi's release of their book 'Futurist Mixology - Polibibite, the Autarchic Italian Answer to the Cocktails of the 1930s.'


Food, Farming and Freedom: Promoting a Sustainable Model of Food Justice in America's Prisons

The abstract from my undergraduate thesis. BA from Vassar College class of 2012.


Ghostwriting for Psychology Today

I ghostwrite articles and blogs for the creative consultancy Tracking Wonder. The articles in this Psychology Today column reflect some of the work I've done. For clips of my work please contact me directly.



Freelance Writer

• Research, write, edit, offer consultation and content strategy, predominantly in the fields of food, wine, travel, and personal/professional development • Manage social media management and email marketing campaigns, complete with detailed analytics reports and performance analysis • Created SEO, keyword-rich product descriptions, web copy, articles, and blogs • Published in Psychology Today, VICE Munchies, FOOL Magazine, academic journals, and other publications

Company: Wordsmith

I worked there from 8/2012 until now

Copywriter & Content Librarian

• Perform long-form copywriting for landing pages, email marketing messages, video scripting, etc. • Responsible for creating and managing comprehensive email marketing campaigns, webinars, and other events • Responsible for synthesizing original research and existing content to craft original articles, blogs, and assets to position TW as a thought leader

Company: Tracking Wonder

I worked there from 6/2019 until now

Social Media Manager & Copywriter

- Developed and implemented digital marketing strategy - Created social media content and managed social channels - Assisted with web and email marketing/newsletter design - Wrote and edited tip guides, discussion guides and other resources - Analytics reporting

Company: The Travel Coach

I worked there from 1/2019 until 4/2020

Culinary Content & Communications Manager

• Developed a compelling and authoritative brand voice and continuously fine-tuned our messaging based on evolving consumer insights • Coordinated between the culinary and marketing teams to develop, test, tune, and promote HSC's recipes across social media and other channels • Created and incorporated high-quality content for all channels, resulting in an increase in followers of over 2300% • Organized and managed recipe database as well as beta testing to assess and improve user experience


I worked there from 2/2017 until 11/2018


• Defined brand voice and generated spot-on copy for 5 brands, as well as cohesive marketing copy for parent brand • Developed brand books, marketing decks, and other internal resources for each brand • Conceptualized and created dozens of product descriptions, social media posts, brochures, and other marketing content (including web copy) • Assisted with research to establish an authoritative voice in the cannabis industry utilizing consumer insights

Company: NorCal Cannabis Company

I worked there from / until /

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