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Camillia Shanks


About Me

I am a social media manager and help out in any copywriting needs. I began my writing journey in 2010 where I wrote and edited five articles. One of them was published in the front page of The Daily Targum. I have a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Journalism and Media Studies. I also have a Master's Degree in Communication and Media Studies. I currently manage my company's blog and made a switch to B2C marketing. My writing style can adapt to different purposes and tones. All my completed projects go through tests for readability, plagiarism,spelling, and grammar. 


Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Local SEO

Most companies today are embracing online business. This causes an increase in competition among organizations. They need to hire competent SEO companies. Local SEO Tips 1.Create local content 2. Create a mobile-friendly website 3.Optimize online citations and directories 4.Include local pages in the website Learn the Qualities of a Good Local SEO Agency Digital marketing strategies and SEO form an important part of internet marketing. Hiring a good SEO company attracts clients.


Local Marketing

Building a popular business in your community requires a strong local marketing initiative. This initiative should be one that focuses on creating strong relationships with the residents. Ways to Grow Your Business with Local Marketing 1. Give Back to the Community 2. Surround Yourself with Professional Leaders 3. Connect with Local Businesses 4. Advertise and Sell Local Products 5. Organize Startup Events Local marketing elevates your business in the community and get home-based clients.



Social Media Manager and Copywriter

I currently manage my company's blog.

Company: Colavita USA

I worked there from 10/2019 until now

Social Media Manager and Copywriter

Develop and maintain the employee advocacy platform to increase engagement and brand awareness on social media. Deliver the internal monthly marketing newsletter. Work with the digital marketing manager to provide copy for landing pages and email campaigns.Write company press releases.

Company: Systech International

I worked there from 8/2018 until 9/2019

Social Media and Blog Manager

Developed quality content that related to the blog's audience. Pitched, developed, and oversaw the marketing initiatives of partners on a quarterly basis.

Company: SHI International Corp.

I worked there from 8/2015 until 8/2018

Social Media Specialist - Freelance

Develop and implement social media strategies across Twitter and Facebook.

Company: Christian Wellness Center of New Jersey

I worked there from 3/2018 until 5/2018

Social Media Intern

Wrote their first post for the company's new blog. Developed B2C social media marketing strategies.

Company: The Main Event

I worked there from 1/2014 until 5/2015

Contributing Writer

Wrote and edited five articles. One of them was posted on the front page.

Company: The Daily Targum

I worked there from 9/2010 until 1/2012

Languages I Write In

Content I Write