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The thirst for knowlege ends with lifes challanges~ ∞ Neverending!

About Me

I have been a writer for 5 months now, currently working on a blog for investors of many calibers to come and gain insight and intermingle with one another. Investing is my life passion, something that I have discovered through my enjoyment of business was solely rooted in understanding the markets, and how to always get one up on your competition. 

My educational background is in biomedical science however this was not an area I went into as I found fulfillment and thrill learning about economics and trading in my own time. 

Business leadership and management has been another area I have had hands-on experience through managing foreign resorts, being involved as the operator of an entertainment company. This knowledge has only been enhanced with reading and observations of the peers in my network; allowing me to recognize poor leadership in companies that I may have initially seen as good, which has saved me a lot of money thus far.  

With content writing, I wish to gain more knowledge in areas in and beyond my expertise, whilst providing as much value to all that read my content as I slowly acquire the necessary resources and essential team to build my hedge fund.

I'm not all about work as I enjoy playing Piano in my downtime, a Hobby I have been emersed in for well over 10years, specializing in R&B gospel type music. I sing, and sprint also. 

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My Writing Samples

Can we trust Libra and all it has to offer?

The Article talks about how revolutionary Facebook has been in their approach to cryptocurrency however there were some major issues as to why there were not allowed to host Libra. Part 2 of the article will be focused on Libra association and other crypto projects similar to this is due to come out By July.


Are you too hungover to recognize the trade of the century

Here I discuss some points of bitcoin and how it makes for a sound investment however with its volatility and infancy that is it is still an emerging market, exposure should be limited.


The unavoidable Threat of the EuroDollar Crisis!

This was made very simplistic for the average joe to understand, I have multiple drafts up to 5 parts coming up to simplify the current situations and issues that economists discuss on a regular basis and the potential implications of a failing system and how it is being propped up.


Illiquid Repo-Market Reigns chaos for precious metal investors! Understanding the crisis of 08 to le

Here we take a look at the repo market Leading up to and during the 08 crisis highlighting what we can expect leading up to the next one as this is part 1 of understanding how the repo markets affect asset classes and in the second part we shall be looking into how we can effectively use the Repo markets as a leading indicator to any economic downturn!




Company: XP Care Consultancy

I worked there from 7/2014 until 8/2016

Retail Trader

Company: Self Employed...

I worked there from 11/2016 until now

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