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About Me

I am a Native New Yorker transplanted to Utah -- both places with millions of great stories to tell, and that's what I do. To almost any audience, I can take the complexities of almost any issue and break them down to a clear, concise message that makes sense and is fun to read.
I'm a newsletter wizard, a ghostwriting virtuoso, a biographer/family historian and, if politics calls to you, a talented mouthpiece of American values.   

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Day on the Hill 2020

The Utah Off-Roaders Alliance & Salt Lake Off-Road Expo invited members of the Utah Legislature to meet the community and see the tremendous impact off-road adventuring has on Utah's economy and, it's fun!


Gayanashagowa — The Great Binding Law

Native America Tribes weren't the "noble savages" some have portrayed them to be. Politically and culturally sophisticated, they had governments long before Europeans arrived. Iroquois system was governed by "the Great Binding Law" a centuries-old oral tradition. Iroquois leaders actually visited the Continental Congress. They gave John Hancock a tribal name and shared the principles of their Law, many of which are now reflected in provisions of the US Constitution


Short but Effective — An Olympic Games Guide for Youngsters

When the 2002 Olympic Games came to Salt Lake City, the Organizing Committee knew that many of the sports included — biathalon, luge, curling — are activities Utah kids never see or get to participate in. The Guide, narrated by the SLOC mascots — Copper, Coal & Powder — briefly explain the history and rules of the Winer Olympic Sports.


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