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About Me

My primary background is writing for the scientific community.  Many of my columns, articles, whitepapers and technical notes appear in science magazines, journals and websites for chemistry, biology, chromatography, spectroscopy and cannabis science.  I am a columnist for a cannabis science magazine.  I can write content for many different areas and have experience and the educational background in history, English, religion, women's studies and science.

I belong to many professional organizations including:  ASTM, AOAC, Emerald Board of Experts for Cannabis, and NACRW Reference Materials Group.  I am a webinar and in-person presentor at scientific and technical conferences. I am a a frequent guest speaker at many conferences including NEMC, Pittcon, and European Atomic Spectroscopy Conference where I present talks on topics such as clean laboratory practices, use of standards as well as studies on original research topics. 

I have been invited to write articles for many scientific publications and journals including Spectroscopy Magazine. One article, published in October 2017, on the topic of lead and food was voted one of the top ten articles of 2017. 

I am a graduate of Rutgers University and has been with SPEX CertiPrep in the role of Senior Research and Applications Scientist for over a decade. Before I joined SPEX CertiPrep, I was a Research Associate and Laboratory Manager at Rutgers University in the Department of Civil and Environmental Science for over five years studying air pollution. 

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Our Daily Dose of Poison

Article in Spectroscopy Magazine about lead content in our food supply. "Lead is one of the most documented and ubiquitous toxic substances in the world present in soil, plants, water, and air. Industrial activities and lead products transitioned a mostly immobile element into a highly dispersed toxic pollutant. In 2016, people in the United States were shocked over the high lead levels detected in the drinking water supply in Flint, Michigan. The analytical testing was not surprised."


Right from the Grow

Cannabis Science & Technology column for cannabis sampling. Scientific testing is perceived as a straightforward process that involves grabbing a pinch of a sample, running it through an instrument, and immediately out comes the exact answer. More often than not, laboratories are challenged with highly regulated and difficult sample schematics, sample preparation, extraction, and testing procedures that try to ensure accuracy and precision of testing. This article discusses sampling theory.


Chemist's Guide to COVID-19

A guide to laboratory practices and safety during COVID-19. Many chemists and scientists are considered essential personnel during the COVID-19 outbreak. While many chemists understand the nature of clean lab techniques, they might not be aware of how these techniques will protect them from a biological contamination risk. This content appeared as a webcast, white paper and column.


Mercury Poisoning “The Minamata Poisoning”

Many of the elements we recognize as toxic elements or heavy metals have been around and in use for thousands of years. One of the most common heavy metals in use after lead was mercury. Historically, mercury was used in the metals industry and a byproduct of the processing of precious metals. This white paper discusses a historical mercury poisioning which occured in Japan.



Senior Applications Scientist

Senior scientist conducting research for R&D, marketing applications and small scale studies for publication. I have assisted as interim laboratory manager and produced marketing and sales materials and content as well as technical and policy documents.

Company: SPEX CertiPrep

I worked there from 9/2008 until now

Research Associate & Laboratory Manager

Managed the laboratory and all operations of the research group including student mentoring, payroll, financial aid processes, purchasing, public speaking, technical writing and general management. Performed laboratory wet and chemical analysis for NSF grant research projects involving air pollution and fine particles. Created or assisted in methods development for analytical studies.

Company: Rutgers University

I worked there from 6/2002 until 10/2007

Content I Write