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About Me

Hi there! My name is Schuyler Girion. I'm a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in English Literature where I received the H.W. Hill Scholarship for extraordinary work. After graduating I took on the role of Assistant to the Director of New Work at The Public Theatre. While there, I was in charge of the detailed work of keeping the schedule of a senior staff member of an elite off-Broadway theater. This involved communication and coordination with high-profile performers, directors and playwrights. I subsequently jumped into a 125-person community ensemble production, where I managed performance messaging and organization for the entire ensemble as well as community partner organizations from all 5 boroughs of NYC. I have since taken on freelance work as a dramaturg (editor/researcher) for emerging artists as well as social media content writer for a small independent theatre company. I love communicating with people and am passionate about creating clear and consistent messaging. Once I understand how the machine of a business works, I am keen to become and active and efficient player within it. If you feel that we might be a good fit please reach out, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Programme Note

Sample note to be included in program for an experimental performance piece.



Assistant to the Director of New Work

o Coordinate schedule of Director of New Work o Contribute to team of script readers in the New Work (formerly Literary) department o Assist with research/analysis of scripts on a project by project basis o Provide administrative support to the department - keeping timesheets, reconciling receipts

Company: The Public Theatre

I worked there from / until /

Community Impact Coordinator

o Provide rehearsal support for 125 member community ensemble o Coordinate house seat requests for 125 ensemble members o Coordinate ticket voucher dispersal to community partner organizations o Design and run voucher system for community partner members each night of performance

Company: PublicWorks

I worked there from / until /

Associate Director - 'The River is Me' @ 54 Below

o Provide rehearsal report for director o Assist with scheduling rehearsals, budgeting and participate creative production meetings o Collaborate on script notes and cuts with director o Oversee technical rehearsal and sound check on day of performance

Company: Freelance

I worked there from / until /

Dramaturg - 'CIVIL' Developmental workshop @ Columbia University

o Provide script feedback to playwright (focusing on character arch and narrative) o Participate in creative development round-table with playwright, director and producer

Company: Freelance

I worked there from / until /

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