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About Me

My name is Herman and I am an engineering student at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. My passion is peaked by modern technology and innovation hence the decision to pursue a career in Engineering. I believe the advancement in technology should be supplemented by the spreading of information; this can be done through writing and research. I know by writing such articles with will hone my skills and push me to research further on the topics I am dealing with. It will also give me a chance to make some income which is important to me as a student preparing to join the workforce.  

I have made a habit of being meticulous in any work or research that I partake in and I don’t intend to let up when writing for clients. They will be assured of a high-quality product in return for their deservedly earned money. The deadlines will be strictly adhered to and requirements followed to the latter. This will be done by being a good communicator and having steady availability.  

I look forward to working with you to fulfil and hopefully exceed your expectations.  

Industries I Write About


My Writing Samples

Impact of Covid-19 on education.

This articles examines the effects that Coronavirus has had on the education system around the world.


Importance of Social Media in Business

This article examines the need for businesses to adopt a good social media presence.


Visit Manchester

This article shows the different interesting places a tourist should consider visiting when touring Manchester.



Fundraising Assistant

I worked towards raising funds for the St. John's Ambulance charity.

Company: Wesser

I worked there from 8/2019 until 12/2019

Masters Student

Company: University of Glasgow

I worked there from 8/2018 until now

Content I Write