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I love words. period.

About Me

I have over 17 years of marketing experience at a senior leadership level, working across both public and private sectors in Healthcare and Financial Services. 

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, "Marketing Mogul" would not have been the answer. Writer, on the other hand, would have! 

Freelance writing for various organizations allows me to hone my skills, stretch my thinking, and continue to "do" what I otherwise direct, on a daily professional basis. 

It feeds my passion for the written word, and desire to help companies tell a story through various mediums. I specialize in human behavior and take my time to understand the audience, objective, and general goal of whatever piece I have been engaged in. 

When you work with me, you get the experience of someone who presently leads teams of professionals across aggressive growth strategies, coupled with the seasoned professionalism of a person who has had the opportunity to write about a variety of topics across a variety of industries. 

Pleased to discuss my experience and current or future projects you may have in the hopper.



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My Writing Samples

Working from home, and the art of work life balance

Since the onset of the pandemic, the way we work has changed. The lines between work and home have blurred, and the ways in which we navigate our new normal are evolving. Finding balance has become more important than ever.


The. Marketing. Plan.

A casual discussion from the seasoned marketer to the manager of marketers, on the structure of building out a marketing plan.



Freelance Copy Writer and Program Designer

From distilling technical documents down to simple and compelling content, to building out publication calendars, social media and email content, even a blog or two from time to time. The Zebra Collective augments over flow for organizations struggling with capacity issues or those in need of a quick turn-around on short flight projects.

Company: The Zebra Collective

I worked there from 10/2015 until now

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