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About Me

I am a versatile NY-based wordsmith who is best known for presenting complex and obscure information in a compelling, easy-to-understand format and making other people's work "publication ready."

My passion is writing about animals, meditation and spirituality. But I’m equally comfortable writing content on virtually anything!

As a freelance writer, I have published articles about pet birds in Bird Talk and sold web content on a wide variety of topics, such as process improvement, health and beauty, vegetarianism, and meditation. Some examples include:

I began my writing career as a copywriter for major magazines such as Modern Bride, where I wrote direct mail campaigns, ads and advertorials, and custom sales presentations.

During my 17 years as a test manager, project manager, and process improvement expert in Citibank's IT department, I created countless process documents, presentations, and training materials. I excel at asking subject matter experts such as software developers the right questions in order to explain technical information to create user-friendly documentation.

My ongoing pro bono work includes editing, proofreading and "Americanizing" scholarly Buddhist documents that were translated from Cantonese to English.  

I published my spiritual memoir and self-help workbook, Faith without Labels: a Guide to Eclectic Spirituality, in 2019.

My hobbies include:

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Faith without God ― a Buddhist Perspective

This article was posted on Balance, Buddha Groove's blog. It explains what, exactly, Buddhist's have faith in since Buddhism is a non-theistic religion.


Six Steps to Transforming Self-Quarantine into a Spiritual Retreat

This post on Balance, Buddha Groove's blog, acknowledges the fear and boredom that many people experience while self-quarantining due to Covid-19. It encourages them to alleviate these negative feelings by reframing their quarantine as a spiritual retreat. It provides six easy steps that they can take to make their spiritual retreat a reality.


Meditation's Gifts

This post provides a first-person account of how Buddhist meditation, particularly metta (lovingkindness meditation) dramatically improved the author's life. It was published on Balance, Buddha Groove's blog on spirituality.


Lovingkindness Meditation and the Good Wolf

This article uses a famous Cherokee parable to illustrate how metta (lovingkindness meditation) can enhance practitioners' better nature.


What Price Love?

The actual cost of all pets far exceeds their initial purchase or adoption price. Food and medical care add up dramatically during an animal's lifetime. This blog post contests that pets more than earn their keep with the love and enrichment that they bring to their owners' lives.


Bird Health

This originally appeared in SQUAWK, the newsletter of the Big Apple Bird Association, then was printed as a brochure to be used by pet stores as a customer handout.



Freelance writer and author

- Write articles for web content providers about a myriad of topics, including beauty, pets, spirituality, meditation, Buddhism, and process improvement - Write blog content on Buddhism, meditation and spirituality for Balance by Buddha Groove (company blog) - Published Faith without Labels: a Guide to Eclectic Spirituality, a spiritual memoir and workbook - Write content for http://eclecticspirituality.blog, the companion blog for Faith without Labels: a Guide to Eclectic Spirituality

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 4/2017 until now

Promotion Manager

· Directed redesign, architecture and content of Modern Bride Online, the magazine's website. Responsible for creating innovative interactive advertising, marketing and merchandising concepts to increase traffic to the website. · Managed Marketing & Promotion Department, which created fashion advertising pages, direct mail campaigns and proposals for the magazines, as well as campaigns for a myriad of advertisers. · Originated concept for the JCPenney Special Advertising Section, Modern Bride

Company: Modern Bride & Your Prom magazines

I worked there from 1/1996 until 12/2017

Proofreader & Editor

- Proofread and edited Soular [sic] Return: Soulutions [sic] For Body, Mind, And Soul by James Duignam

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 7/2017 until 8/2017

IT Business Tech Specialist (various titles during 17-year career)

· Created comprehensive process and training documents, project plans, project charters and presentations. · Created software testing training modules for call center employees, alleviating displacement · Directed creation of 26 training modules, ensuring standard processes followed by Test Managers globally; conducted training of domestic and international new hires

Company: Citibank, Citicorp N.A. Digital Testing

I worked there from 2/1999 until 4/2016

Promotion Manager

· Generated concepts and wrote copy for “advertorials” to appear in Parents for key advertisers such as Sony and Canon · Wrote merchandising proposals

Company: Parent's Magazine

I worked there from 1/1997 until 1/1998

Sr. Copywriter

· Wrote copy for consumer and trade ads. · Developed advertorial sections, promotional and sales materials for Modern Bride, Your Prom, Power & Motoryacht, American Baby, Healthy Kids, Publishers Weekly, Broadcasting & Cable and the Cahners Magazine Network.

Company: Creative Services Dept., Cahners Publishing

I worked there from 1/1998 until 12/1996

Content I Write