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Laura Herman


Elder and Dementia Care Professional

About Me

My writing passion is for educational, digestible articles that can help people better understand how to interact with dementia successfully. 

My blog, ABC Dementia, aims to enable readers to understand and "Appreciate Behavioral Communication in Dementia" - in other words, most of the "behavior problems" common in dementia can be better managed when understood through the lens of communication.

In addition to writing blog posts, articles and training material, I enjoy reading research studies. I also understand basic SEO best practices.

I love learning and am typically open to developing new skills, so I'd be happy to hear what you have in mind.

Anything under the umbrella of senior care, long term care, caring for the caregiver or other related topics I can likely tackle with gusto.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

What Should I Bring to Memory Care

This article is full of helpful information for families of people with dementia who may be considering or planning a move to memory care in the near future.


Horticulture Therapy in Dementia

An educational article which offers an overview of horticulture therapy in dementia, including its history, its scientifically proven benefits and what it might look like in practice.


What to do During Rapid Decline in Dementia

Educational article for family members who are witnessing a sudden change in behavior or functioning in their loved one with dementia.


Appreciating Behavioral Communication in Dementia

Introductory blog post in which I discuss exactly what is behavioral communication, and why in the world we would appreciate it.


ABC Dementia

Landing page for my blog, ABC Dementia. Aimed at people who work with or love people with dementia, each post discusses some aspect of understanding behavioral communication.


Best Bathtub Rails for the Elderly

This product round up covers the uses and limitations of bathtub safety rails, summarizes some important information to consider when choosing one, and highlights some of the top picks for consumers.


7 Best Radios for Seniors

This product round up is full of helpful information for people looking for the right radio for their favorite senior.


Best Dementia Clocks for the Elderly

This product round up reviews the 11 best clock options for seniors considering factors including impaired vision, hearing and cognition.



Elder and Dementia Care Professional

Since 1998 I have worked in geriatric care with a strong emphasis on dementia care. I've worked every role from front-line caregiver to facility administrator. I have a lot of hands on experience working with seniors. I have collaborated closely with health care providers, guided families and taught staff about dementia, end of life and related issues. Past and Current certifications include Nurse Aide, Medication Aide, Assisted Living & Residential Care Facility Administrator.

Company: Rogue Valley Manor and other Companies

I worked there from 5/1998 until now

Content I Write