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I help health and fitness brands rank in Google with SEO-driven content | Content Marketing | Content Strategy | Freelance Writer

About Me

I'm a content writer who specializes in helping brands rank their sites in Google, so SEO is my game. My interests are health & fitness and digital marketing.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

How to Eat Healthy Without Hating It

Provides actionable tips to eat a healthier diet without stressing about it.


Easiest Dog Breeds to Care for

Discusses some of the most low maintenance dog breeds, ideal for busy pet parents.


How to Lower Blood Sugar With a Regular Walking Regimen

An in-depth guide on how to lower blood sugar by walking regularly.


5 Easy Stress Relievers You Can Do at Your Desk

Provides 5 ways to easily relieve stress while on the job.


8 Killer Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Next Inbound Campaign

Provides examples of different lead magnets businesses can use to collect emails and drive conversions.


The Best Website Customer Experience Have These 6 Qualities

Lists the different qualities of a website that offers a positive customer experience.



Founder / B2B Content Writer / Marketing Blogger / Blog Content Strategist

Creating compelling website content for businesses, including long-form blog posts and landing pages Brainstorming creative themes for client websites Performing SEO keyword research and writing content that informs readers

Company: britneysanders.com

I worked there from 7/2019 until now

Content Writer

Writing SEO-driven articles for brands in a variety of industries such as marketing, business, finance, healthcare, law, and more.

Company: Verblio

I worked there from 9/2018 until 1/2020

Content I Write