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B2B Conversion Copywriter for Service Providers, Software and Technology

About Me

Unlike many other writers, I focus on results. 

My goal is to produce copy that enables you to hit your KPIs and meet all your other marketing objectives. 

The end result of working with me is copy that converts. 

I help some of the most competitive global organizations—from startups like ClickFunnels, Metrilo and WorkBoard to established enterprises like Lendio, BigCommerce and Paychex—communicate their value, generate more leads, and get more sales with clear, compelling copy. 

I'm a results-focused, full stack B2B conversion copywriter who produces high-converting copy. 

I've had the privilege of working with several of the world's biggest companies to write targeted, persuasive, lead-generating copy for their audiences. 

My skills include:

Areas of expertise:

Would you like to learn more? Let's connect! 

And if you're ready to get started—with copy from a seasoned, professional B2B copywriter who knows your industry, understands your audience, and can help you reach new customers—contact me today. 

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My Writing Samples

3 Frameworks Your HR Team Can Swipe From McKinsey

What do you do when an important member of your staff leaves the company? Do you have a system in place to capture that person’s knowledge to ensure it’s available to future employees? What often ends up happening is that other employees scramble to gather as much information as possible before the knowledge keeper makes their exit. But there’s a better way—one that helps you avoid that last-minute scramble.


Getting A Loan in 2021: Why You Should Secure Small Business Funding Now

You run a successful business. The pandemic affected you the same way it did everyone else. But you found a way to push through, press forward, and persevere. Now your business is thriving. You offer a great product; you have excellent employees, and a steady stream of happy customers come daily through your doors. But are you prepared for unexpected expenses? Like equipment maintenance? And technological upgrades?


Bulletproof Your Business To Outlast Any Economic Downturn

Entrepreneurship is all the rage. But it wasn’t always that way. It used to be that people would find a job, work hard, and retire 30 or 40 years later—with free time on their hands and a sizable pension. There are around 582 million entrepreneurs in the world today. One study by VistaPrint found that 62% of Americans dream of entrepreneurship. But how many of them really know what it takes?


The Most Efficient Ways To Manage Your Diverse Workforce

The workforce is forever changed. The one that once existed is no more, and anybody who’s been working for some time has no doubt seen the difference. Previous industry makeups—once dominated by certain genders and ethnicities—have now been replaced by a workforce that represents change and diversity.


Small Business Sales Tips That Will Help You Sell Like A Pro

You may not feel cut out for it. You started your business with one purpose, having one goal in mind: to do what you loved every day while having the freedom to work on your terms. As a small business owner, you’ve spent years developing your skill set and learning how to do what you do. You’ve trained and studied from the best, attended conferences and seminars, and uncovered new strategies from experts in your field. You’re so focused on your business and what it takes to run it that you neg


How To Measure Content Marketing Success When You're Just Starting Out

You know how important good content is and the benefits it can bring to your SaaS company. That’s why you’ve put the proper content marketing structures in place. You've taken the time to produce winning content for your audience, posted it on social media, and even made sure it’s optimized for SEO. But . . . nothing.


How To Find Investors For Your Small Business

They’re strategic partners and invaluable assets with unbeatable wisdom and experience beyond their years. And they love helping small businesses grow and succeed.


The Cure For Unproductive Meetings

Have you ever witnessed an unproductive meeting? You probably have—time and time again. Perhaps the host showed up late, the meeting had no clear agenda, and the person who was supposed to be in charge had no control.


How To Start An Online Store: The Help You Need To Get Yours Up and Running

There are currently 7.1 million online retailers in the world with 1.8 million in the United States alone. And more are opening all the time. In the midst of all this opportunity, how do you know if opening an online store is something you should do? You’ve heard of others who succeeded but how do you know if you’ll also succeed?


Writing Product Pages: Essential Tips For Ecommerce Brands

How would you rate your own product pages? Would you say that they were thoughtfully planned and the product descriptions – written to perfection? Or would you say they’re vague and only designed to make the visitor click as fast as possible?


Case Study/Customer Success Story

This case study tells the story of how a Printing Company saw success after implementing the recommended strategies of a Social Media Company.


Case Study/Customer Success Story

This case study tells the story of how a real estate agent got a 30x ROI by using a marketing tool.


Case Study/Customer Success Story

This case study talks about how one company helped another improve efficiency and boost sales.



Founder, B2B Copywriter and Content Marketer

I provide copywriting services for B2B startups and top organizations around the world, like ClickFunnels, BigCommerce and Paychex. I've written several different forms of copy and content like blog posts, white papers, case studies, press releases, web copy, landing pages, email series, sales collateral, ebooks, and more.

Company: EliteB2Bcopy

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